Jeverson - “Somethin' in the Water” press photo
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Jeverson releases a feel-good R&B tune, entitled, “Count On Me”

Jeverson is a talented singer-songwriter from Grenada. Not too long ago, he released a feel-good R&B tune, entitled, “Count On Me.”

Jeverson – “Count On Me” single

“‘Count on Me’ is my jam. It’s the most recently written song on the EP and probably a hint at the direction or evolution of me as a writer. This year will definitely be an interesting one as the music is already creating some heat. We’ve got a boss team put together and as you know, getting music out takes a lot of people to make it happen well, and they’ve got to believe in you. I’m really fortunate to have found so many music industry heavy hitters in my corner. My team at CAA has booked a few dates in March and they tell me we’ve got a bunch more coming in. Also, I’m getting booked for writing sessions with some serious talent. I’m looking forward to an amazing 2022!” – Jeverson explained

‘Count On Me’ contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and a feel-good vibe that will resonate well with fans of Prince, Silk Sonic, and James Brown. The groovy guitar and rhythmic bass-laden instrumentation are flavored with funky R&B and contemporary soul elements. Furthermore, “Count On Me” follows hot on the heels of Jeverson’s previously released single, entitled, “Somethin’ in the Water.”

Jeverson – “Somethin’ in the Water” single

“There’s this beach at home called Grand Anse. I’ve met some amazing people while performing or just hanging out there. Some of those people have changed my life and I thought that there must be something about the place/water that is responsible for me having the experiences that I’ve had, you know, something in the water. For me, being Grenadian is a vibe, and I wanted to capture that chill, island-time, easy-going vibe that I get from being home. I’ve always wanted to sing soulful music and I think I’m finding my way to a simple balance between island vibe and soul/funk.” – Jeverson explained

‘Somethin’ in the Water’ tells an adorable tale about a young guy who finds himself chilling at a blissful spot comparable to paradise. Apparently, he loves being there because he’s having a good time mingling with a desirable woman who wants him to take her home. Therefore, he admits, “I’m feeling like I’m flying, supersonic meditation for my mind. There must be somethin’ In the water.”

The singles, “Somethin’ in the Water” and “Count On Me,” are both featured on Jeverson’s self-titled debut EP.

“Jeverson” EP

Jeverson - “Somethin' in the Water” song cover art
Photo by KT Wolf

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