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Jayde releases a striking lyric visualizer for her “all i wanted” single

Jayde is a Toronto-based singer-songwriter from Cobourg, Ontario. Not too long ago, she released a striking lyric visualizer for her “all i wanted” single.

Jayde – “all i wanted” lyric visualizer

“I felt like a fraud in my own life because to a certain degree I wasn’t living my life. I was living the life that everyone else wanted me to live. ‘all i wanted’ is about getting what you thought would bring you happiness but then still feeling unfulfilled. It’s about the debilitating realization that your dreams were way more exciting before you achieved them and then questioning everything you’ve ever wanted.” Jayde explained

‘all i wanted’ is a mellow record that highlights Jayde’s smooth vocals as she sings about the feeling of goals, hopes, and dreams slipping out of reach. The polished pop sonics depart from her former sad-girl releases, marking a shiny new chapter for the burgeoning artist.


Jayde press photo

“I was at a very stagnant place in my life. I felt like I was very stuck in this one place both emotionally and physically and I remember wanting to ensue chaos on my own life but the little angel on my shoulder would often say ‘no, you don’t actually want that, I promise.’ And from there, I felt like I was just in this constant battle with where I was and what I could do to get out of the monotonous cycle I felt trapped in.” – Jayde confessed

Jayde has always felt a compulsion to externalize her thoughts and internal conflicts. Growing up, she was surrounded by instruments at her grandparents’ house. Listening to her dad blast Coldplay songs on his stereo, Jayde gravitated toward music from a young age. Her parents describe how she began writing little melodies and lyrics about how the wind felt or how the sky was blue. When she hit her adolescent years, she threw herself into any opportunity to create music, which involved many singer-songwriter competitions, small performances, and songwriting camps.

Jayde excelled in these settings, especially when competing on CTV’s The Launch, receiving praise from artists and industry executives such as Jann Arden, Scott Borchetta, and Marie Mai.

Jayde – “Sad Songs About Sad Things” EP

Jayde - “Sad Songs About Sad Things” cover art

In 2021, Jayde released her debut EP, titled, “Sad Songs About Sad Things.” For Jayde, the EP functioned as an “artistic scrapbook” from a very transitional time in her life. As the songs organically culminated, the project became monumental to Jayde’s artistic identity. She felt that it was important enough to share with others – her only hope in mind was that others might resonate with her stories and take comfort in the connection. The EP was featured on notable playlists, namely New Music Friday Canada, It’s a Bop, Fresh Finds, Fresh Finds Pop, EQUAL Canada, and Radar Canada.

Jayde is ramping up to release more music in 2022. She explains that “the new releases are some of the most genuine” to her creative identity, “this project came from a period of musical exploration but personal stagnation.” There was a great deal of existential dread involved in the creative process as Jayde questioned everything around her, including her personal relationships, her artistry, and her creativity.

Stream “Sad Songs About Sad Things” EP

“Writing and recording this past year definitely wasn’t a glamorous experience. I would walk into a writing session and spill out my entire life to strangers, and we connected and made something from it. It was the most vulnerable I have ever been, and only through music did I process my emotions.” – Jayde stated

Jayde maintains tackling her “sad” subject matter but her newest songs are moody, energetic, and incredibly empowering. Finally, having let go of any notions of who she should sound like, or what she should say, there is no hesitation in her latest artistry to dig into hard truths about what it is like to be creative and navigate personal identity within the rapidly changing contemporary world.

Jayde – “all i wanted” single

Jayde - “all i wanted” cover art

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