Jay Kasai - “Pray for Me” cover

Jay Kasai releases a lyrically appealing hip-hop tune, entitled, “Pray for Me”, featuring Daylyt

Jay Kasai is a rapper, cinematographer, and engineer from Inland Empire, California. Not too long ago, he released a lyrically appealing hip-hop tune, entitled, “Pray for Me”, featuring famed battle-rapper Daylyt.

Jay Kasai – “Pray for Me” single featuring Daylyt

“I know that love do not exist but I exist. I act with my knowledge, must acknowledge this before cars we were seeing a lot of whips. Momma pray for me with that Bible out its energy, but I guess she ain’t read, Timothy. How could you teach me the book, you breaching the contract. But it’s faith I see, I still let her pray for me.” – Daylyt, lyrics

‘Pray for Me’ finds Jay Kasai and Daylyt joining forces to shed a powerful light on the power of prayer as it relates to life and its constant struggles.

The likable tune contains a relatable narrative, thought-provoking lyrics, and conversational rap vocals. Also, the song possesses melodic instrumentation scented with a contemporary hip-hop aroma.

‘Pray for Me’ is featured on Jay Kasai’s latest 9-track project, entitled, “Kasai Tape, Vol. 3”.

Jay Kasai – “Kasai Tape, Vol. 3” EP

Jay Kasai - “Kasai Tape, Vol. 3” cover

Jay Kasai co-founded the hip-hop collective “Over Everything” in 2014 and The MidnightRun Podcast in 2016.

He works exclusively with decorated producers Nabeyin & OhGoshLeotus to create trunk-rattling melancholy music.

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