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JaSena Odell releases a spicy Latin-flavored tune, entitled, “Pablito”

JaSena Odell is a 21-year-old pop singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released her spicy debut single, entitled, “Pablito”.

JaSena Odell – “Pablito”

“C’mon, honey, tell me where you’re hiding. Jamaican baby, want an all-good time, yeah. Maybe you see him, hair as dark as night, babe. Just gonna approach him ‘cause he ain’t nothing to play with. I’m looking for my ah, Pablito. Looking for my ah, my Pablo.” – lyrics

‘Pablito’ tells an exciting tale of a woman who is searching for her Pablo Escobar, her ex-boyfriend or partner in crime. Since their breakup, her heart’s been hurting, and she’s been missing his devious ways, and most important, his getaway know-how. Even though she tries to move on and find someone new, there’s still no one like Pablo.

So she searches for him in every city on the map, but to no avail. Pablo simply can’t be found. It’s like he disappeared from the face of the earth or simply in hiding and don’t want to be found. Either way, the woman has to find another tough guy, gangster, mobster, or villain to help her fulfill her Bonnie & Clyde desires. But deep down in her heart, she promises to never stop looking for Pablo. 

JaSena Odell

JaSena Odell

‘Pablito’ contains a cinematic storyline, soulful vocals, and a Latin-flavored instrumentation embedded with a delicious bassline and international sounds.

We recommend adding JaSena Odell’s “Pablito” single to your personal playlist.

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