Jaeo Draftpick Look at My Drip cover

Jaeo Draftpick releases a swag-laden rap tune, entitled, “Look at My Drip”

Jaeo Draftpick is a rising rapper from Long Island, New York. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his swag-laden rap tune, entitled, “Look at My Drip”.

Jaeo Draftpick – “Look at My Drip” music video

“They on my body, they want my drip. Look at my drip come take a swim. Look at my body, I been in the gym. Drip on tsunami they telling their friend. Riding my wave they just tryna get in. Don’t’ wanna get in, then you can get out. Drip on a thousand, there’s never a drought.” – lyrics

Jaeo Draftpick is the leader of the 51631 movement. His “Look at My Drip’ tune contains a social fashionable narrative, relevant slang lyrics, and iced-out delivery. The likable tune possesses swag-laden instrumentation scented with a contemporary rap aroma.

Also, the audiovisual showcases a comedically playful side of Jaeo Draftpick. To kick things up a notch, Jaeo enlisted the Uniondale High School Rhythm of the Knight Show Choir to bring some youthful energy to the video. 

‘Look at My Drip’ comes on the heels of Draftpick’s previously released single, entitled, “Bless the Trap”.

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Jaeo is an acronym: (J)ust (A)bout (E)verything (O)utstanding.

His artistry is a natural expression of his gift and a relentless drive to be successful. Therefore, he is unapologetic for the colorful and often graphic illustration of his young, fly, and flashy lifestyle.

So far, he has opened up for French Montana, Jim Jones, T-Pain, Lloyd Banks, Mims, and Jadakiss to name a few. 

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