Jaeo Draftpick - “Bless the Trap” press photo by @shotbyahm
Photo by @shotbyahm

Jaeo Draftpick releases a music video for his “Bless the Trap” single

Jaeo Draftpick is a rapper from Long Island, New York. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “Bless the Trap” single via Tommy Boy Records.

Jaeo Draftpick – “Bless the Trap” music video

“I just blessed the trap, I just caught a lick. I just got a car and it’s from your b*tch. My flag red and blue, yeah red and blue. Ni^^a I’ma Zoe. Who the f*ck is you? I told shorty stack it up, lately, she’s been acting up. Ni^^a, we really them ones, you don’t really trap like us.” – lyrics

The audiovisual finds Jaeo Draftpick in Long Island surrounded by his team and local inhabitants.

‘Bless the Trap’ details how far Jaeo has come and what he has experience on his road to success.

Jaeo Draftpick

Jaeo Draftpick - “Bless the Trap” press photo by @shotbyahm
Photo by @shotbyahm

Jaeo Draftpick uses a simple yet magnetic rap flow to emphasize his hood-savvy tales which includes living life as a street-hustler. 

Even though he enjoys the perks of being blessed in the trap, he is still aware of the dangers that come with living in the trenches, where danger lurks around every street corner.

Jaeo Draftpick – “Bless the Trap” single

Jaeo Draftpick - “Bless the Trap” cover art

‘Bless the Trap’ contains a relatable storyline, mesmeric rap vocals, and melodic instrumentation flavored with urban trap and hip-hop elements.  

We recommend adding it to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.

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