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Listen to J. Paris’ Latest Dance-Pop Single “Chasing the Sun”

J. Paris (@naajidoe) is a singer-songwriter and producer based in New York and South Florida. Not too long ago, he released a lovely dance-pop single, “Chasing the Sun,” produced by Producer X via Julian Street Records.

J. Paris – “Chasing the Sun” single

“I took a flight to find your love but I need to this get right. Baby, want you in my life, don’t leave me left alone to die. This despair sits deep but my love for you is steep. Got these demons, they’ve been creeping on the low, oh. It takes some time to find to true love, I’m flying closer to the sun. Getting blinded by the lights but I need to find true love. So don’t leave me all alone, I’m stuck in Paris with your love. Know my heart is not a home, but I need to get this done.” – lyrics

Bright, heartfelt, and undeniably groovy, “Chasing the Sun” analogizes the Greek mythology story of Icarus—flying too close to the sun and getting burnt in the process. Love can play a very similar role in our own lives as it can blind us and have harmful repercussions. Just like in Paris’ “Vintage Drugs,” he knows that he shouldn’t chase after a flame that’s only meant to burn him but chooses to do so anyway. As such, “Chasing the Sun” combines cautionary lyricism with oxymoronic glee in its production and delivery. Paris tells a personal story of chasing a love that was never meant for more than anguish. He sings, “I know I came at the time you need most. Don’t give up on me and I won’t let you go.”

“Chasing the Sun” contains a relatable narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of The Weeknd, Brent Faiyaz, and Bruno Mars. The song is featured on J. Paris’ new 14-track album, “Road to Elysium.”

J. Paris – “Road to Elysium” album

J. Paris - “Road to Elysium” album artwork

J. Paris is known for his ability to create memorable and diverse sonic landscapes through melodramatic expression of personal and universal life experiences. His style awards him the unusual ability to candidly express traditionally guarded sentiments, emotions, and feelings in a way that is resonant and uniquely appealing.

“Got a face like an angel, but a Devil in disguise.”

J. Paris Photo Landscape

“With most things in my life, but especially in my art, I have absolutely refused to release something unless I was convinced that it was objectively, and significantly better than my previous work. With every single, EP, and compilation I’ve released, I’ve refused to iterate without having objective and clear measures to exhibit undeniable improvement. This sometimes hinders the progression, speed, and amount of work I produce; however, it shows an irrefutable path towards increasingly well-executed, technically intricate, and profound art with each public release.” – J. Paris explained

Albeit being far from Toronto, Paris’s stylistically woeful undertones paired with smooth delivery elicit comparisons to modern influences including the likes of Drake, The Weeknd, and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

“I took a flight to find your love.”

J. Paris Photo Portrait

Over the past 2 years, Paris’ growth has been indisputable as he has continued to follow his motto of “Don’t get upset, get better,” creating projects in parallel alignment with his progression at Princeton — first with his Freshman EP, “Elephant in the Room,” moving to his Sophomore and Junior mixtapes “Apologies For Breaking Your Heart” and “NO SECOND CHANCES,” and finally culminating in his second EP “Summerset.” 

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