iyla - “APPETITE FOR DISASTER” press photo

iyla releases an empowering new seven-track EP, entitled, “APPETITE FOR DISASTER”

iyla is a rising singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, California. Not too long ago, she released an empowering new seven-track EP, titled, “APPETITE FOR DISASTER,” alongside an appealing music video for her “Impala” single, featuring LA-based rapper, Symba, via 3T Entertainment/Astra Velum/EMPIRE.

iyla – “Impala” music video featuring Symba

Impala’s meaning lies within me finding my way back to the city I’m from (and ultimately back to myself) after being entangled in a toxic relationship. I wanted the video to show my unhealthy attachment to the relationship while showing the journey back to myself and the beauty of where I grew up and the not so ‘Clueless’ Valley of Los Angeles.” – iyla explained

The beautifully shot video warps reality with trippy conceptual scenes, playing on the clever wordplay in iyla’s lyrics that reiterate the limbo mindset she’s stuck in because of her relationship. Also, the video stars Symba, who plays the role of her partner as they both struggle to see eye to eye and grow apart.

The video was directed by Danny Williams, with styling by Brookelyn Styles and Anastasia Larae. Never one to hold back in her visuals, iyla’s exemplary, other-worldly music videos are fast becoming an iyla trademark, each one delving deeper into her avant-garde approach to her art and fueled with important messages, and the video for ‘Impala’ is certainly no different.

iyla & Benny the Butcher – “Lost Me” (Official Video)

‘Impala’ was released hot on the heels of iyla’s previously released single, “Lost Me,” featuring renowned rapper, Benny The Butcher. The song follows a similar concept to “Impala,” in that it explores heartbreak with more self-assured energy from iyla on the record. The highly stylized video for the single was shot in black and white.

iyla – “Sad B*tch Bad B*tch” (Official Video)

“This chapter is about owning and embracing what makes me different and being unafraid to blend genres. When you’re listening to me, I want you to embrace the uniqueness of yourself!” – iyla proclaimed

Last year (2022), iyla kicked off her new era when she unleashed “Sad B*tch Bad B*tch.” The song was launched alongside a video with powerful choreography by Janelle Ginestra that showcased iyla’s breadth of performance skills.

iyla – “2LATE” (Official Video)

iyla’s second single, “2LATE,” trumpets her uniqueness loud and clear. An airy vocal hum gives way to wild yodeling before she leans into a sassy and slick verse. Following another magnetic and massive refrain, the track unexpectedly culminates on ominous distorted guitar and a haunting solo, reflecting the diverse musical palette of her childhood.

iyla – “FOH” (Official Video)

In between trombone, the slinky bass line of the follow-up single, “F.O.H.,” underlines her woozy verses before she adopts a theatrical tone. Later, she suggests, “Put some respect on my name like I said. Baby, go break a leg.”


iyla press photo

Since the release of her debut EP, “War + Raindrops,” iyla – whose influences include Destiny’s Child, Brandy, Aaliyah, SZA, Kehlani, and H.E.R. – has amassed more than 100 million streams across all platforms. She has been appointed by YouTube Music as one of their Foundry Artists (following in the footsteps of ROSALÍA and Dua Lipa), opened for Demi Lovato, and headlined her first-ever North American tour with sell-out shows in San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Toronto, to name a few. With three EPs under her belt, iyla has received critical acclaim from the most respected of tastemakers.

Furthermore, iyla’s “APPETITE FOR DISASTER” concludes her trilogy of EP releases and marks an exciting time in her journey.



“‘APPETITE FOR DISASTER’ represents my quest for the ‘impossible’ and my unwillingness to settle. This EP was created during one of the most challenging times in my life and its title evokes what the last two years have felt like for me both professionally and personally. Deep within that hunger for what sometimes feels dangerous, I keep going back for more, in hopes of feeling satisfied by my art and my place in the world.” – iyla explained

Written by iyla and produced by her longtime collaborator Kadis, “APPETITE FOR DISASTER” is a journey about femininity and womanhood. With strong themes of empowerment, strength, sexuality, confidence, and love, it plunges deep into the complexities and multifaceted nature of what being a woman in the modern world is and the process of navigating relationships.

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