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Introducing Jodea: A wonderful feel-good movie to watch

Introducing Jodea tells a wonderful tale about an aspiring actress named Jodea Maxwell, played by Chloe Traicos, a Zimbabwe-born, Australia-based actress. Dreaming to make it big in Hollywood, Jodea has to believe anything is possible, including her becoming a respectable actress. But Jodea isn’t very good at acting, not even a little bit.

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Jodea gets fired from her on-the-set movie job, by a world-famous movie director simply because she dropped a tray during intense filming. Jodea unhappily gets escorted off the premises by security. She feels defeated. That job was her only chance of getting into acting. Now, she’s down but not out, looking to catch a break like everybody else.

Jodea has to crawl through the opened driver-side window to get inside her car. It’s embarrassing, but she’s used to it by now. Viewers don’t even know what type of car she’s driving; it’s in bad shape. The camera angle changes, and viewers can see it’s an older model Ford vehicle that could die any minute now. Later, it holds true to its destiny and breaks down.

“Introducing Jodea”

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As if things couldn’t get any worse, when Jodea gets home, she finds her boyfriend busy filming another woman on their couch. He has no interest in Jodea or her car issue. Later, Jodea arrives at her other job at Boba Crush, where she serves food. She calls her boyfriend from there and hears intimate sounds. Something’s going on. She asks her boyfriend if he’s cheating on her; he admits he’s cheating on her with the woman he is filming. His reason: the woman is going to help him get an agent. Then he, the boyfriend, will tell the agent to sign Jodea. But he has to cheat on Jodea to get the agent. Really? That’s your reason for cheating. She can’t believe it. He calls it “networking,” helping to secure their future. Jodea gets mad and tells him, go f*** yourself.

Later, Jodea catches a break when the movie director who fired her on the set crashes his pristine BMW jeep into the back of her car. He was on the phone not paying attention. Now, Jodea’s car is busted up even more, after her landlord helped her get it fixed. Jodea has taken way too many losses. What should she do now?

  1. She was unjustly fired from her on-the-set job
  2. She just broke up with her cheating boyfriend
  3. Now she doesn’t have a car to drive anymore.

“Introducing Jodea”

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The director wants to pay her off instead of going through insurance. Somehow, Jodea ends up striking a deal with him to act in his movie. Their destinies are aligned. The director realizes he needs an unknown actress to play the role his cheating wife can’t play anymore because she broke her nose. He and Jodea both know a thing or two about cheating spouses. Later, they find out they have a lot more in common when the director starts to teach Jodea how to act.

The director teaches Jodea how to trust, “Run as fast as you can into that wall like it was never there.” After all that training, they get close; they start dating. They separate momentarily but then they are back together again. Like all good love stories, it’s a mushy moment at the end.

“Introducing Jodea”

“Introducing Josea” film photo

You can’t help but like “Introducing Jodea.” The movie has a decent storyline and good acting. Emotions are high and the actors did a good job channeling it. “Introducing Jodea” will resonate well with anyone who is a fan of Working Girl or Pretty Woman, two movies about women who rose to the top after starting at the bottom of the pack.

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