6 Movie Titles You Might’ve Missed in 2022

Last year has given us a lot of good movies to enjoy. The chances are you might have missed something. Maybe you were busy with college or simply didn’t catch up with all the promos as there were a lot of them. In any case, it might be just the right time to watch some of the most overlooked but splendid films of 2022.

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Movie Titles You Might’ve Missed

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This is a great opportunity to learn from the best and get more free time on your hands to do something you love. For example, watch a couple of good movies. After all, everyone needs to rest and recharge sometimes. Here are some films you might have missed last year that still deserve your attention.


This is the debut of Charlotte Wells, a Scottish filmmaker. Although it is her first time directing a film, the result is amazing. This is a thought-provoking and heart-breaking drama. It revolves around a father who wants to have a good and fun vacation with his daughter, but the real world is knocking on the door.

The movie covers topics of family relations, mental illness, and growing up. There is a beautiful dynamic between father and daughter. And sometimes it might feel like you are watching two movies with two different perspectives. There are light and tender moments as well. The ending leaves the audience to fill in the blanks. Overall, it is a beautiful film with a great script and marvelous performances. You can watch it on Sky or Amazon.


If you are into some thriller experience, check this one out. First of all, it features Zoe Kravitz, and her performance is outstanding. Secondly, it is a Steven Soderbergh film, so you do not want to miss it.

It is a techno-thriller that takes place in a world obsessed with technology. The main character works as a voice stream interpreter, and while doing her job, she becomes a witness to a violent crime. Although the company is against her reporting it, she couldn’t let it go. So she is out to seek justice. This is one of the amazing movies of last year you definitely should watch it. It is available on HBO Max and iTunes.


Christmas is over, but there is still some time to enjoy a good Christmas movie. And this one is a strong competitor. It features a powerful duet of Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell and they had a great time in this musical.

The movie is a new take on the classic “Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens. So there is a story of someone who needs to become a better person. And what could help them more than some haunting? This is a funny, creative, and warm film to enjoy on a winter afternoon. It is available on Apple TV+.

After Yang

This is the second film by Kogonada, an American filmmaker born in South Korea. The plot covers the story of a couple that adopts a girl from China. They buy her an android Yang to reconnect with her heritage. Yang is programmed with Chinese history and helps a girl to learn more about part of her identity.

But after some time, technical failure occurs. And the father tries to bring this android to life. He gets to learn more about Yang and his experience and realizes that it has a lot in common with humans.

This is an interesting story not only about constructing identity but also about self-awareness and connection between individuals. It is an intelligent and exciting film to watch.

Fire Island

For some reason, this movie never made it to theaters, but it is worth attention nevertheless. Andrew Ahn directed it based on Jane Austin’s adaptation. In the film, a group of friends goes to Fire Island – the place for LGBTQ+ people to have fun and fall in love.

The cast is amazing, and the cinematography is captivating. It is an authentic story that feels very relevant for the time. You can watch it on Hulu. 

The Bad Guys

This is a splendid heist comedy animation with an amazing voice cast. You get Sam Rockwell, Richard Ayoarde, Craig Robinson, and Marc Maron. The visuals are stunning and the jokes are good as well. It is dynamic, entertaining, and exciting.

The plot shows the story of a criminal group of animals that get caught. Now they have to act like they’ve bettered themselves and become good citizens. But did they? Or will they become better while pretending? Watch it on Sky or NOW and find out.

Some Other Underrated 2022 Gems

Here are some other great movies you might have missed in 2022. They range in genres and approaches but all of them will get you excited, motivated to succeed, or eager to learn more. These are:

  • Barbarian;
  • Emergency;
  • Glorious;
  • Fire of Love;
  • Good Luck to You, Leo Grande;
  • Last Flight Home;
  • Return to Seoul;
  • The Wonder;
  • White Noise;
  • Till;
  • The Woman King.

In Summary

Having a movie night is one of the best ways to relax and have a good time. Whether you enjoy watching films alone or with friends, make sure to add these titles to your list. You might have missed them last year, but they are worth watching.  

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