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Iman Europe releases an alternative-soul single, entitled, “surrender.,” featuring Kaelin Ellis

Iman Europe is an LA-raised singer-songwriter from New York. Not too long ago, she released an alternative-soul single, titled, “surrender.,” featuring Kaelin Ellis via Good Soil Productions. The song will resonate well with fans of Tiffany Gouché, Sebastian Mikael, and Jamilah Barry.

Iman Europe – “surrender.” single feat. Kaelin Ellis

“I wrote this in the midst of many transitions and a relentless retrograde. I was doing my best to hold everything together, until I realized that maybe if I take my hands off of what I was trying to control, God can put His hand on it and turn it into something greater. Letting go is liberating. It can be scary, but it will free you. I’m finally realizing that better is always ahead of you if you believe them to be.” – Iman Europe explained

Known for both her resonating words and her captivating voice, Iman Europe has consistently proven to be an inspiring force in not only the music industry but in everyday life. Her music fuses the best of both coasts, creating melodic raps and lyrical harmonies. Her songwriting style paints pictures with sound, embodying R&B, soul, hip-hop, and electronic elements.

Iman Europe

Iman Europe press photo

Since attaining her Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing, Iman Europe has put her skillset to work, classifying her as both an artist and an author. In 2018, after a successful Kickstarter launch, Iman released her debut album, “Nami,” which catapulted her career and landed her on show soundtracks such as HBO’s hit series Insecure, Netflix’s Nappily Ever After, and Disney’s Good Trouble TV series.

Iman Europe feeds her fans with relatable, quality music, coupled with daily inspiration on social media. As a self-proclaimed Caterpillar, her mission is to inspire listeners to continuously evolve into their higher selves. With a name like Iman Europe and a style of her own, Iman Europe is an artist with timeless aesthetic value.

Iman Europe – “surrender.” featuring Kaelin Ellis

Iman Europe - “surrender.” cover art

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