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How to Play Poker By Reading the Body Language of Your Opponent

There is no denying that poker is becoming more and more popular. One of the factors is that you compete against other great players, as opposed to the dealer or the house in most other casino games. We enjoy watching professionals play poker against one another in live and online games.

You’ll need to learn and understand your opponents’ tells and master your own if you ever plan to play live poker and improve your game. One of the things you need to know is how to play poker by reading other players’ body language.

We’ll show some tips so that you can be able to do so.

Movement of Hands and Feet

Hand gestures are some of the most apparent poker tells. According to specialists in body language, more prominent hand gestures usually indicate that the individual is either lying or attempting to divert your attention to something.

The feet and legs can also move, though it’s harder to see them seated at a table. Legs being crossed and uncrossed or a foot wrapped around an ankle frequently indicate tension, suggesting that the opponent is holding a weak hand.

Remember that an extremely tense player may be new to the game when interpreting hand and foot motions. They can unintentionally give away their status as a beginner by exhibiting concerned body language.

On the other hand, if you’re new to the game and want to learn how to play poker, start with online games. It is one of the most excellent methods to avoid giving yourself away to get over your nerves. You’ll feel confident when you finally play live and won’t give off uneasy feelings. Instead, you’ll be calmer and more focused.

The Eye Test

Most of us are pretty good at interpreting the looks on someone else’s face. They frequently give things away with how they look at you.

Have you ever noticed how common sunglasses are among professional poker players? This phenomenon is because even professionals struggle to control their emotions when speaking. How, then, can you make the most of this?

Did you know that we prefer to look to the left when recalling imagery or engaging in internal dialogue? We look straight ahead when processing immediate sensory input, and when creating imagery or processing our feelings, we look to the right.

If you’ve asked yourself, “how do you play poker and win?” you should know this one. According to several studies, people tend to gaze to the right when they are lying or trying to hide something. The flicker of an opponent’s eye indicates that they may be bluffing.

It is believed that when someone blinks more slowly before abruptly blinking more quickly, they are not being completely sincere. It is believed to be caused by a rise in heart rate brought on by stress from telling a lie.

Decoding Micro Expressions

There are seven universal emotions: contempt, fear, disgust, anger, sadness, surprise, and happiness. When a micro-expression is followed by an act that contradicts it, it’s usually a sign of a bluff.

For instance, a brief moment of panic is quickly followed by a swagger.

How to Play Poker photo
Photo from Pixabay

You’ll need to play many games, pay close attention, and develop your observation skills to learn how to play poker and pick up on micro-expressions.

Understanding the Texas holdem cheat sheet is also beneficial, but don’t show that you are an expert on it.

You’ll have to put in a lot of effort initially to figure out your opponents’ tells, but the more persistent you are, the easier it will get. But be careful. If you regularly play poker with a group, you’ll have the chance to hone your understanding of their facial expressions, and so will they.

How to Work on Your Tells

At the poker table, the other players will assess you as you do the same for them. Poker online games are a fantastic way to practice your own tells. You may practice without any pressure because your opponents cannot see you.

Additionally, you won’t feel hurried into anything and may proceed at your own leisure. As the game proceeds, pay attention to your reactions and attempt to maintain control over your body language and facial expressions. It is essential to note it to remind yourself once you play live poker.

You can also use a mirror to check your face as you play since practice makes perfect, like anything in life. It also allows you to know how to play poker games without “telling” someone because you’re hiding behind a screen.


When interpreting body language, one must remember several possible explanations for why someone might make excessive hand motions or blink frequently.

It can be because they tend to speak with their hands, are inherently jittery, or have sensitive eyes to artificial light. You must pay attention to all facets of other players’ body language to effectively read them in a poker game. These are just some ways how to get better at poker.

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