Classic Poker vs. Rare Poker Games | Which Games to Play?

There’s no denying the fact that Texas Hold’em is the most-played version of poker online. It might not have the crowds that online rulett and slots have, but it sure does attract a huge number of people, with both pro and new players enjoying it. Some of the industry’s greatest card players are renowned for playing Texas Hold’em.

Classic Poker vs. Rare Poker Games

Online, there are two types of Texas Hold’em: the no-limit and limit versions. The former is the classic variant and is widely played.

Despite having easy-to-understand and execute rules, Texas Hold’em is a difficult game to master! It takes hundreds of hours to play and become a pro at it. Many will attest to this, freely acknowledging that not everyone can play Texas Hold’em. Still, it remains to be one of the most popular poker varieties. There are plenty more varieties of poker, which include the following.

Seven Card No Peak Poker

Not to be mistaken with Seven-Card Stud, Seven Card No Peak Poker takes the fun a notch higher as it requires very little strategy during gameplay. All you need is the luck of a deal or draw to win, plus a little money management skill to ensure you remain in the game for as long as possible.

At the start of the game, every player receives seven cards. Playing and wagering commence once the player to the leftmost side of the table turns over one of their cards. Once every player has placed their wager, the player seated next to the first player is required to turn over one of their cards. If this card has a higher value than that of the first player, the turning of cards stops, and all bets become active. However, if it’s a lower-hand value, the play moves to the next player.

This continues until one of the seven players has a higher card than the one to the right. Should all the seven cards fail to equal the outgoing player’s hand, the hand is considered dead. Wagering and playing starts from the first player, and the whole process starts again. This continues until one player remains at the table.

Double Flop Hold ‘Em

This is one of Texas Hold‘Em’s variations. For those who have played it before, you will agree it offers double the fun thanks to its unique gameplay. During gameplay, wagers are placed between the flop and the reveal of the river and run cards. This isn’t all. With only a single deck of cards in play, every player has a sporting chance of guessing what every player is holding versus what is on the table. The player with the best five-card hand on the lower and upper board wins. If you are lucky to hold both hands, you win the jackpot. Otherwise, the pot is shared.

Guts Poker

You will certainly need some guts to play “Guts Poker.” This is a game that follows the “players take it all” format, so you must ensure your competitors appreciate the idea of risk and reward, which starts with the decision to ante.

At the start of every round, everyone receives two or three-hole cards, with the first player declaring “guts” or “no guts.” If the player says “no guts,” it simply means he/she has folded. “Guts” means he/she is still in play.

If you are still in play, your wager equals the amount of bet that has been predetermined. Once everyone has placed their bet that is equal to a predetermined amount, all the cards are revealed, and the winning hand walks away with the pot.

The game doesn’t stop with this. Anyone who chose to “gut” and stay but lost is required to place a wager equal to the size of the outgoing winning pot. For example, if the pot’s prize was $ 10,000, everyone who settled for the “guts” option and lost is required to wager this amount. Those who had “no guts” were required to place a bet equal to the original ante bet. After that, gameplay resumes, and normal play is followed.

Variety is the spice of life

Did you know there are so many forms or variations of the classic poker game? The next time you are playing with your friends or family on a game night, ensure you try some of these variations instead of blackjack or board games. Depending on how light-hearted or competitive you are feeling, there are plenty of games you can play. In addition to these games, you can choose to play other varieties such as Wild Poker, Follow The Queen Poker, Crazy Pineapple, Red River, and Count Down Hold’em, as well as Blind Man’s Bluff.

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