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Holy Molly releases a lovely electro-dance tune, entitled, “Shot a friend”

Holy Molly is a talented singer-songwriter and actress from Romania. Not too long ago, she released a lovely electro-dance tune, entitled, “Shot a friend,” written by Holy Molly and Marius Dia.

Holy Molly – “Shot a friend” single

“‘Shot a friend’ came completely out of nowhere on a rainy day in the studio. Because it was so sudden, I don’t think any of us thought of a storyline. We simply let the inspiration guide us through all sorts of deep feelings such as betrayal, guilt, love, pain, forgiveness, obsession, and everything in between. As per usual, I got some inspiration from all my personal experiences. You guys know I do that a lot in my songs.” – Holy Molly explained 

‘Shot a friend” finds Holy Molly taking a step back to let Maria tell the story. The radio-friendly tune contains a relatable narrative, ear-pleasing vocals, and tuneful melodies. Furthermore, “Shot a friend” follows on the heels of Holy Molly’s previously released singles including “Twinkle Twinkle,” “Menage A Trois,” and “C’est la Vie” with SHANGUY.

Holy Molly Bong Mines Artist Talk cover

Holy Molly Bong Mines Artist Talk cover

“‘Shot a friend’ is about how you can fall in love so deeply and unexpectedly that you’re not able to realize that the one you fell in love with is your best friend’s lover. I’m glad to be able to express my feelings in a different way and this is what ‘Shot A Friend’ gave me: the opportunity to have a different mood on my music, to unleash Maria out of Holy Molly, and to let her talk on this song.” – Holy Molly explained

Holy Molly previous songs echoed in almost all European territories. “Twinkle Twinkle” gained 7M streams on Spotify. It entered Viral 50 Daily/Weekly in Norway, Sweden, and Romania. “Manage A Trois” gained 37M streams on Spotify and entered Viral 50 Weekly in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary, Switzerland, Latvia, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Czech Republic, and Austria.

“I never shot my friend ’cause, baby, in the end, nobody knows what to do with love.”

Holy Molly press photo

Holy Molly sees her music as a catalyst for empowerment and healing. Also, as a way of connecting with her fans and communicating very private emotions. She is an extremely sensual artist, with a voice whose depth remains imprinted in the mind. In November 2019, Holy released her debut single, “Everybody’s Scared” (featuring Parah Dice), an emotional metaphor about her past experiences dealing with anxiety.

“I never shot my friend ‘cause, baby, in the end, nobody knows what to do with love.”

Holy Molly - “Shot a friend” song cover art

“Lost the man I never had. Hard to lose a friend, hard to understand. Why you went along with that? This wasn’t my plan at all. Beautiful story, no happy ending for ya. I took a bite and I then never stopped. Baby, I’m sorry you know I’d never hurt ya, but curiosity killed the cat.” – lyrics

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