Holy Molly and SHANGUY - “C’est la Vie” press photo

Holy Molly and SHANGUY release an attractive music video for their “C’est la Vie” single

Holy Molly is a singer-songwriter and actress from Romania. SHANGUY is a powerful dance outfit from Italy. Not too long ago, they released an attractive music video for their “C’est la Vie” single.

Holy Molly and SHANGUY – “C’est la Vie” video

“‘C’est la vie’ is the story of millions of women who got cheated on by their partners and the process of forgiving the other woman and realizing it’s not her fault either.”

‘C’est la Vie’ contains a relatable narrative, English and French vocals, and tuneful melodies that will resonate well with fans of ZOË. The likable tune possesses vibrant instrumentation flavored with electro-pop, contemporary dance, and international pop elements. Furthermore, “C’est la Vie” has landed on some of the biggest editorial playlists on Spotify including NMF Switzerland, Germany, Dance Brandneu, Dance Room, Hit Dancefloor, Танцевальные новинки, Новинки по пятницам, NMF Polska with cover on Танцевальные хиты RU and Ukraine and Dance Alert. Also, the track is already on playlists hosted by Apple and Deezer.

Holy Molly

Holy Molly press photo wearing a purple jacket

Holy Molly sees her music as a catalyst for empowerment and healing. Also, as a way of connecting with her fans and communicating very private emotions. She is an extremely sensual artist, with a voice whose depth remains imprinted in the mind. Her first four singles had millions of views on YouTube and they were heard in countries such as Germany, Poland, Russia, and Romania. In November 2019, Holy released her debut single, “Everybody’s Scared” (featuring Parah Dice), an emotional metaphor about her past experiences dealing with anxiety.

Holy Molly - “C’est la Vie” BTS photo

On Holy’s next single, “Menage A Trois,” she teamed up with LIZOT, a German DJ/producer duo. The track went completely off the charts, making them appear on the cover of Spotify’s Main Stage editorial. Holy collaborated again with LIZOT and Alex Parker on “Back to Her,” a strong anthem of femininity and sexuality, helped by a very sensual video in which Holy starred as the main character. Later, she has released “ALCOHOL” and “Twinkle Twinkle,” a hymn for every woman who has been through emotional distress and is strong enough to live life by her own rules.

“C’est la Vie” single

Holy Molly and SHANGUY - “C’est la Vie” song cover art

“My daddy said we shouldn’t be together. My mama told me love won’t last forever. I’m getting all the crap from you, feeling like I’m cut in two. I got a side that loves you, but whatever.” – lyrics

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