HETHA - “The Ride” press photo

HETHA releases an enticing music video for her brand new single, entitled, “The Ride”

HETHA is an independent singer-songwriter based in Sydney, Australia. Not too long ago, she released an enticing music video for her brand-new single, titled, “The Ride,” produced by Eddie Parise from the Baby Animals.

HETHA – “The Ride” music video

“Sitting here, sun lighting up my skin. Take a deep breath wondering how I should begin. This world is crazy, scary, big. So easily I feel I’m drowning from within. Smiling, you ask me, ‘Hey, where’d you go?’ I start to wonder; how do you know? Whenever I’m sinking in the fear tomorrow holds, you say, ‘Stay here. Stay for this time.” – lyrics

‘The Ride’ tells a sunny tale about a young woman who is enjoying life at the current moment. Apparently, she’s having fun on a beach with blue waters. She’s feeling good because she gets to spend quality time with her significant other. Later, she tells her companion, “With you dear, there’s no pressure to be cool. With you, I’m always dancing on the beach like a fool.”

‘The Ride’ contains a dreamy narrative with a meaningful message and sugar-sweet vocals that will resonate well with fans of Taylor Swift, Colbie Callait, and Kelly Clarkson. The catchy beach song possesses guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with an upbeat indie-pop vibration and contemporary-folk influence. Furthermore, “The Ride” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from HETHA in the near future as she continues to release new music.

“I started discovering who I am through music and knew I needed to share it.”

HETHA press photo

“As someone who experienced trauma as a child, I’ve always been waiting for my life to begin. Waiting for a golden future in which I can finally be happy. My song, ‘The Ride,’ is a realization and proclamation that I finally am okay with being me and with being here. It may seem simple, but to anyone who has had a similar journey to me, it is something profound.” – HETHA explained

Since 2021, HETHA has worked with award-winning producers Steve James (The Screaming Jets, Mental as Anything), Sam Panetta (Kyle Minogue), and Eddie Parise. This year, she supported Thirsty Merc on their Celebration tour and looks forward to many more live gigs and releasing her first EP in 2023.

HETHA – “The Ride” single

HETHA - “The Ride” cover art

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