Hanna Lashay + The Internet
Photo by Grayson Photography

Hanna Lashay covers The Internet’s “Special Affair” single

Hanna Lashay is an R&B/Soul singer outta Chicago, IL. Not too long ago, she covered The Internet’s “Special Affair” single during her Sunflower Soul Session Ep 1.

“Special Affair” (Cover)

Lashay mentioned on Sundays she will be releasing new music during her Sunflower Soul Session series. The showcase will include live visual music sessions of Lashay singing covers and original music.

The Internet – “Special Affair/Curse”

Not too long ago, The Internet, an R&B/Soul band, released above music video for “Special Affair”, a beautiful love song from their third studio album, entitled, “Ego Death”.

Hanna Lashay

Hanna Lashay + The Internet

“If you have to change who you are for your presence to be appreciated then you are doing something wrong. Simply be you. Be happy with being you, love your flaws, own your quirks, and know that you are just as perfect as anyone else, exactly as you are.” – Lashay 

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