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Great American Media proudly announces its first Original Series, “County Rescue”

Not too long ago, Great American Media proudly announced its first Original Series, “County Rescue.” The much-anticipated faith and family action drama about EMTs and paramedics in personal and professional extremes will make its worldwide debut on the company’s streaming platform, Great American Pure Flix, beginning on Friday, February 23rd. The platform will feature new episodes every Friday for the series’ first season of five episodes.

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Great American Family, the company’s premiere flagship linear network, premieres episode one on Monday, February 26th (8 p.m. ET/PT), and will premiere a new episode every Monday for the five-week first season run.

“County Rescue” tells the story of one EMT unit whose medical team saves lives while guiding themselves and each other through journeys of love, hope, and faith. The series features a remarkable ensemble cast led by Julia Reilly and Riley Hough alongside co-stars Percy Bell, Kristin Wollett, Brett Varvel, Stacey Patino, Tim Ross, Tanya Christiansen, Keller Fornes, Angel Luis, and Curtia Torbert. Music star Colton Dixon also guest stars.

“County Rescue”

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“County Rescue’ is an inspirational, scripted series with a terrific ensemble cast that showcases the remarkable work of EMTs and first responders and the challenges they face daily. These are the everyday heroes who make communities across America great,” said Bill Abbott, President & CEO, of Great American Media. “The series is about discovering oneself and who we are each meant to be while working alongside those who care about us. ‘County Rescue’ is an exemplary family-friendly series and we are extremely proud and excited to bring the quality series every member of the family can watch together,” Abbott concluded.


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Dani (Reilly) answers a personal calling to become an EMT at County Rescue where she meets Tim (Hough) who is also a new probationary. The pair meet Chief Scotty (Perez-Ross) who lets them know unexpected budget cuts will only allow him to hire one new EMT and that he will make his decision at the end of the probationary period. The only other wrinkle is the Fire Chief’s son, Griffin (Fornes) is also a contender for the open job and is confident he will be the hire. At home, Dani seeks support from her family who have some skepticism she will stick with her calling.


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Dani (Reilly) gets to know both other probationary EMTs and ends up making a grave mistake on her first shift. Tim (Hough) and Dani are committed to outworking Griffin (Fornes) so he will not get the job. After Dani gets to know Griffin better, her feelings toward him begin to change and he invites her to do something after work so they can get to know each other better. Duke (Bell) begins having nightmares and is keeping secrets about abusing alcohol at work while Marcos (Luis) tries to reassure Duke’s wife. No one on the team knows Chief Scotty is keeping a secret leaderboard to keep track of which rookie is in the lead for the open job.


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Dani (Reilly) accompanies Griffin (Fornes) to a club though she tells him she doesn’t want to get involved romantically due to the team’s rule of dating within the unit. Tim (Hough) finds out and wants to confront Dani but ends up finding her kissing Griffin instead. Duke’s (Bell) life is still spinning as he battles his PTSD and Tiffany (Tobert) finds a flask in his work duffel bag while doing laundry. Worried, Tiffany calls Marcos (Luis) for help. Andy (Brett Varvel) and Tim work a Colton Dixon concert that ends up having Tim in the right place at the right time to be a hometown hero.


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Andy (Varvel) sees Marcos (Luis) in the parking lot outside the station and makes a serious accusation believing Marcos is seeing Tiffany (Torbert). Duke’s (Bell) drinking problems worsen and Tiffany decides to take the kids to her mom’s. Dani (Reilly) accidentally finds Chief Scotty’s (Perez-Ross) secret leaderboard tracking who is in front for the position, and she loses confidence she can clinch the full-time job. The chief is having trouble picking a candidate because they all possess the right stuff – in different ways. Chief Scotty also knows well the struggles of the career: how it affects faith, family, marriages, careers, and above all, exacerbates human foibles.


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Dani (Reilly) resigns from the station before her last shift, though Chief Scotty believes she will be good to her word and not quit before a decision is made. Receiving no support from her family, Dani asks Ashley (Kristin Wollett) to come over to talk heart-to-heart about Dani’s instincts to drop out of hard situations. Duke is MIA from his shift; now Chief Scotty has another difficult decision to make, but he is grateful Dani is there for her final shift. The team debates faith or fate as a call comes from the bar Duke frequents about a potential suicide attempt. They watch in awe as Dani takes over the tense situation. As Duke tells the team he is going on leave to get help, Chief Scotty also has news. A decision has been made as to who gets the job.


Great American Family is America’s premiere destination for quality family-friendly programming, including original holiday movies, rom-coms, and fan-favorite series that celebrate faith, family, and Country. Great American Family is home to year-round seasonal celebrations including Great American Christmas, the network’s signature franchise featuring holiday-themed movies and specials. Founded in 2021, Great American Family is part of the Great American Media portfolio of brands.


Great American Pure Flix is the streaming home for quality entertainment celebrating faith, family, and Country. Through a 2023 merger with Sony, Great American Pure Flix is now part of Great American Media, the leading provider of uplifting family-friendly movies and programs. Great American Media includes the linear channels Great American Family and Great American Faith & Living. With inspiring movies, programs, and Christmas all year long, Great American Pure Flix is home to quality streaming anywhere, anytime.

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