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Grace Gachot drops an honest message to her ex, entitled, “The List”

Grace Gachot is a talented London-based singer-songwriter who grew up in Spain. Not too long ago, she released an honest message to her ex, titled, “The List.”

Grace Gachot – “The List” single

“I can eat, I can sleep, haven’t cried in like a week. I don’t call when I drink, I don’t ever overthink. Now there’s no you and me, I dedicate my nights to moving on. A stranger meets my eyes and oops, you’re gone. That’s the list of proof we’re done.” – lyrics

‘The List’ is an empowering celebration of personal growth, inspired by Grace Gachot’s initial collaboration with musicians Johno and Joey. Their infectious energy and remarkable talent breathed life into a song and story that held dear to Grace.

Reflecting on a past relationship, she experiences a twinge of emotion upon seeing her ex-boyfriend with a friend. This prompts her to pen a brutally honest song, unearthing concealed sentiments and asserting her newfound detachment.

The lyrics detail her post-breakup transformation, list by list, spotlighting her capacity to move forward. No longer concerned about the way he feels, Grace’s lyrics confront the past while celebrating her newfound freedom. An unapologetically honest message to her ex. The song will resonate well with fans of Dua Lipa and Zara Larsson.

“Now I’m moving on, putting good in goodbyes.”

Grace Gachot press photo

Grace Gachot writes about the ever-changing chapters of her life. She shares these details in the hopes she may also find a home in them. She adores kind people, a dreamy romance, sunsets, candles, songwriting, vulnerability, and ‘80s love songs. She dreams of one day living in a little house, in a field, in the middle of nowhere, or in a castle in the clouds, where she can fly in the sky.

Grace has been writing songs and singing for what seems like forever. Recently, she signed a deal with SoundOn, TikTok’s distribution company.

Grace Gachot – “The List” single

Grace Gachot - “The List” cover art

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