GRAACE takes a picture outside wearing a hoody
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GRAACE releases a charming alternative tune, entitled, “SOS”

GRAACE is a singer-songwriter from Sydney, Australia. Not too long ago, she released “SOS”, a charming alternative tune from her debut EP, entitled, “Self-Sabotage”.

GRAACE – “SOS” single

“I’m an indecisive mess who stays up way too late most nights. I’m the girl who acts so sane but thinks of you when I cry. And I know I keep on joking but we’re emotionally unstable. But it’s 2AM and I keep my head up off this table. By the next day I’ll just swipe away the reminiscence of time. Now I’m ready to laugh at your shitty jokes and pretend to smile.” – lyrics

‘SOS’ tells the tale of a problematic young woman who’s in a committed relationship with a guy she’s in love with.

Outwardly, it appears to the eye that she has it all together, but inwardly, she’s in total disarray and unhappy. She’s good at lying and hiding her true feelings.

Therefore, her boyfriend doesn’t know she’s secretly crying out for him to come to rescue her from her inner turmoil.

‘SOS’ contains a relatable storyline, deep pop vocals, and charismatic instrumentation produced by Xavier Dunn.

GRAACE – “Self-Sabotage” EP

GRAACE - Self-Sabotage EP artwork

Not too long ago, GRAACE released her 6-track “Self-Sabotage” EP featuring her breakout hit, entitled, “Last Night“. Check out the EP below and let us know how you feel about it.


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