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Gino Lee releases a bittersweet pop tune, entitled, “Rules to Success”

Gino Lee is a talented singer-songwriter and producer from South Africa. Not too long ago, he released a bittersweet pop tune, entitled, “Rules to Success”.

Gino Lee – “Rules to Success”

“I’ve been riding through the city on a Friday night trying to figure out the meaning of this stupid life. And I wrote a couple of songs that you’ll never hear. Ever since you left, yes, it sounds so clear. And I drank so much that spoke my mind. Now I’m bending over backward just to turn back time.” – lyrics

‘Rules to Success’ tells a bittersweet tale of a young man who struggles to cope with life after an emotional breakup with his ex-girlfriend.

Apparently, her friends don’t seem to like him much but he can’t blame them for thinking in such an ill way.

Also, he’s in a very dark place and not living up to his true potential because the woman he desires to be with isn’t with him anymore.

Gino Lee – “Rules to Success” single

Gino Lee – “Rules to Success” artwork

“I wrote ‘Rules to Success’ when I got out of a toxic relationship that put me in a very bad place. The song questions if someone is better off alone and what it takes to be happy on your own.” – Gino Lee

‘Rules to Success’ contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and lush instrumentation produced by Gino Lee.

The multi-talented entertainer started playing notes on an old family’s piano at the age of six. By the time he was twelve, he was performing professionally in front of mass audiences.

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