Gianni Capri - “When I Don’t Reply” press photo

Listen to Gianni Capri’s “When I Don’t Reply” Single: A Chilling Tale of Refusal

Gianni Capri is an independent singer-songwriter from the sun-kissed shores of Perth, Western Australia. Not too long ago, he released a wonderful pop single, “When I Don’t Reply.”

Gianni Capri – “When I Don’t Reply” single

“Lately you’ve been asking for my time, but time is money, baby. Say you want me just for something on the side, girl, you must be crazy. I know you long for comfort, but don’t get too close ’cause you won’t be getting nothing. The answer’s no.”

“When I Don’t Reply” tells an intriguing tale about a young guy who isn’t desperate or looking for one-night stands. He’s also not lonely and isn’t afraid to turn down a woman. Bluntly, he tells his significant other, “Don’t call me after midnight, I won’t pick up the phone. You only seem to want me when you end up alone. And you might need to find another guy when I don’t reply.”

“When I Don’t Reply” contains a relatable narrative, infectious melodies, catchy hooks, and a well-crafted song structure that will resonate well with fans of Harry Styles, Charlie Puth, and John Mayer. The commercial tune possesses thudding drums and guitar-laden instrumentation flavored with disco and dance-pop elements.

“I guess you haven’t met a guy like me before.”

Gianni Capri - “When I Don’t Reply” press photo

“I have spent a lot of time alone in the last few years focusing on my music and purpose, and what I have learned is not to just rush into something the moment someone shows attention and affection, no matter how long you have been alone. Sometimes, no relationship is better than a toxic one.” – Gianni Capri explained

Gianni Capri first dipped his toes into the world of music from a young age, learning his first instrument at age five. During his teenage years, he started experimenting with melodies and lyrics. Gianni quickly recognized the profound synergy between songwriting and production and that the magic of a song doesn’t just lie in the lyrics and melody, but also in the way a song is presented sonically. After homing in on his production skills, while drawing songwriting influence from artists such as Jon Bellion, John Mayer, and Billy Joel, Gianni began creating his big pop sound. What truly distinguishes Gianni’s music is his participation in every step of the creative process, from the inception of the song idea to the distribution of the final WAV file to streaming platforms.

Gianni Capri – “When I Don’t Reply” single

Gianni Capri - When I Don't Reply cover art

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