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GENIIE BOY releases a delightful alternative tune, entitled, “Shaky Ground”

GENIIE BOY (Alisha Todd and Scott French) is a musical duo from the Gold Coast, Australia. Not too long ago, they released a delightful alternative tune, entitled, “Shaky Ground.”

GENIIE BOY – “Shaky Ground” single

‘Shaky Ground’ is about embracing the joys of life and embracing the feeling you get when you remember the best times you ever had. The likable tune contains a relatable storyline and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of HAIM, Summer and The Rain, and Small Words. Furthermore, “Shaky Ground” possesses quirky percussion, buoyant synth moments, and thudding drum-laden instrumentation flavored with indie-rock, alternative pop, and a nostalgic crunch of early 2000s guitar pop. Bursting with an infectious jubilance, the chorus brings bright vocal harmonies and irresistible hooks, followed by attention-grabbing tempo changes and surprising moments boasting guitar-less melodies. Furthermore, “Shaky Ground” follows hot on the heels of GENIIE BOY’s previously released single, entitled, “Elevator to The Sky.”


GENIIE BOY press photo

“Ever felt like one day you just woke up from a dream, a really good dream. And ever since you woke up, you keep losing fragments of that dream somewhere in your mind? Sometimes little rays of sunshine from that dream replay in your memory then you snap back to the moment. You think to yourself, wow we had it so good, then you release that the moment right now isn’t that bad either… just different.” – Alisha Todd explained

GENIIE BOY has been turning heads since their debut, garnering support and acclaim from industry tastemakers across the country. Now, the duo is set to take to the stage for a string of upcoming live shows.

Alisha’s vocals are at the center of it all, dancing around topics of human existence and complete fantasy. Scott’s multi-instrumental experiments and slyly sophisticated production style completes the GENIIE BOY sound. On stage, Alisha radiates energy, holding you captive and filling every space. Scott verges on cyborg while becoming ear-candy for the guitar-nerd and their live drummer, Michael McCartney (San Mei, Little Georgia), completes the live GENIIE BOY power triangle.

“Shaky Ground” single

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