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Gbeke releases a cheerful music video for her “Afro Bells” single

Gbeke (pronounced Beck-eh) is a rising singer-songwriter based in Phoenix, Arizona. Not too long ago, she released a cheerful music video for her “Afro Bells” single, which finds Gbeke piecing together every memory she has from Christmas in Nigeria. From weddings, parties, and concerts, to beach days, and airport chronicles, “Afro Bells” is her take on the classic Holiday single, “Jingle Bells.” It’s not a cover; it’s a song completely her own with influences from her forever home in Naija and carrying that belonging and heritage wherever listeners go.

Gbeke – “Afro Bells” music video

The unique, sentimental cornerstones for Christmas are on full display in Gbeke’s “Afro Bells” video. Not only does Gbeke rock the Santa suit, taking after the iconic fashion from Mean Girls, but she includes photos and videos with her friends and family to truly portray the important components of the time of year in Naija.

Gbeke directed the video herself, so she also had fun matching her actions to the lyrics she sang as well as decorating her house to create the themed sets. The video feels much like a real, authentic video diary of her holiday, with her shining presence performing “Afro Bells” sprinkled throughout.

FUN FACT: Gbeke finished cooking the fresh batch of jollof rice on the stovetop at the start of the video shoot, allowing for those candid kitchen scenes with her mom.


Gbeke press photo

Gbeke playfully captures the spirit of the season in a style never explored before. In just a few weeks after sharing “Afro Bells” on Christmas Day 2021, the song was well received, garnering over 5,000 streams. When Christmas comes around, Gbeke wants “Afro Bells” to be a pillar of culture and holiday cheer. The festive tune possesses rhythmic drum-laden instrumentation flavored with afrobeats, afro-fusion, and Christmas pop elements. Furthermore, “Afro Bells” is here just in time to make your days merry and nights bright.


Gbeke press photo

Imagine knowing exactly what you want to do for the rest of your life at five years old. While it seems practically impossible, “impossible” is not a word in Gbeke’s vocabulary. With her unique voice, vision, and perspective, her work as a talented creative comes naturally. There’s no question she was born to prosper in the music industry.

For the longest time, Gbeke thought she was not good enough because her music did not sound like the other Afro singers, but once she acquired the courage and confidence to stray from the mold, it turned out that is precisely what she needed to bring fans back for each release.

Gbeke – “Afro Bells” single

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