Gambling Directors: Stories of filmmakers whose lives were tied to gambling

The world of cinema has always been attractive to people who live in an atmosphere of excitement and risk. Some famous directors not only created movies about the world of gambling but also felt the attraction to gambling in their personal lives. In this article, we will tell you about several directors who were connected with the world of gambling and whose stories deserve special attention.

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1. Axel Green

Swedish director, Axel Greene, was not only one of the pioneers of silent movies but also a passionate gambler. He was known for his ambition and his penchant for taking risks. Green was an active participant in card games and racetracks, and his passion for gambling often led to financial difficulties. His dangerous lifestyle and love of gambling influenced some of his films, which often explored the theme of risk and the complexity of human relationships.

2. Robert Altman

American film director, Robert Altman, known for his unconventional and unique films, was also associated with gambling. He was known as a major poker player and often participated in tournaments and cash games. The excitement and tension he felt at the poker table were reflected in some of his movies, which often dealt with the theme of fate, risk, and the unexpected turn of events.

3. Axel Brunner

Swiss director, Axel Brunner is best known for his movie, “Jackpot,” which is about a main character with a passion for gambling. However, what is interesting is that Brunner himself was a passionate poker player. He participated in various poker tournaments and even made documentaries about the world of poker. The excitement and risks he experienced while playing influenced his creativity and helped him create realistic and exciting scenes in his movies.

4. Richard Donner

Richard Donner, known for his iconic “Superman” and “Supernatural” movies, was also an avid card player. His love of gambling even led to the making of the documentary, “Sharky on the Bed,” which chronicles the world of poker in Hollywood. Donner not only participated in the games but also organized his own poker nights with industry colleagues.

5. Paul Thomas Anderson

Famous American director, Paul Thomas Anderson, also had an interest in gambling. He was passionate about playing poker and regularly participated in tournaments. His interest in gambling and the strategic aspects of the game influenced his work. In some of his movies, he created gambling scenes where the main characters faced risk and unexpected turns of events.

6. Martin Scorsese

Legendary director, Martin Scorsese, who created such classic films as “Casino” and “The Chauffeur,” was also interested in gambling. He was known for his commitment to gambling in his youth and faced difficulties in his personal life related to gambling bets. His experiences and interest in the world of gambling inspired him to make movies that explore the theme of gambling and its impact on human destinies.

7. Ken Russell

British director, Ken Russell, was known for his eccentric movies and his penchant for risk-taking. He was not only an avid fan of gambling but also participated in horse racing and card games. His love of gambling and risk-taking was reflected in some of his movies, which were often provocative and unpredictable, much like the games he was involved in in his personal life.


The stories of gambling-related filmmakers demonstrate that the world of movies and the world of gambling are often intertwined. The excitement and risk they experienced at the gaming tables are reflected in their movies, creating an exciting and suspenseful atmosphere. These stories serve as a reminder that passion and risk, while they can be exciting, require balance and responsibility.

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