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Countries That Have Restrictions on Gambling

Many countries around the world do not have a complete ban on gambling. However, there are some restrictions. There is information on the choice of slots relevant for the residents of Australia and Malta.

Restrictions In The Gambling Industry In Different Countries

In some countries, activities of gambling establishments are restricted at the legislative level. Some jurisdictions allow only the operation of bookmaker’s offices, while others require strict adherence to the regulators’ recommendations. The Wikipedia page describes and provides more details about gambling. There is one common point: the result is absolutely random, and it cannot be predicted in advance.

There are countries with authorized land-based and online gambling establishments. Players have access to online casinos in Malta with their list on the indicated page. Such establishments operate on a legal basis. The Republic of Malta is the only member of the European Union where betting with real money is allowed. The gambling establishments are safe for visitors.

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Top 5 Countries with Gambling Restrictions

Let’s look at the top 5 countries where the gambling industry is restricted at the legislative level. You can see their list in the table below.

  • Australia
  • Great Britain
  • Germany
  • Brazil
  • China

Now let’s discuss these points one by one. Gamblers need to know what chances they have in any given country.


The Australian gambling industry faces new restrictions every year. In 2022, there is a discussion about imposing a complete ban on online casinos. However, there is no such thing at the legislative level.

Visitors can play online at Spin Samurai casino Australia, which provides services to citizens of different countries (Austria, Canada, New Zealand, and Poland). English interface is available to users when they go to the official website. In addition to euros, the supported account currencies include Canadian, New Zealand, and American dollars. There is a license issued by Curacao.

Great Britain

When it comes to the UK, casinos are not completely banned, although their activities are restricted. Since April 2020, it is impossible to deposit money from credit cards. This situation applies to land-based and online establishments. Large banks prohibit transactions via applications.

The exceptions are bookmaker’s offices, which accept bets on sporting events. They must have ground-based outlets to accept money in person. Tough restrictions for casino operators have been in place since 2014 following the definition of anti-money laundering measures.


Although gambling is allowed, Germany has strict legislation in force. The norms are outlined in the law of 2012, which is in operation on the territory of 16 federal states. It fixes the basic norms of regulation:

  • combating the black market;
  • preventing fraud;
  • protecting consumer rights.

The document details the licensing process. Casinos have restrictions on the number of bets and monthly deposits. In addition to land-based establishments, online ones are allowed. Betting on sports (including horse racing) is also accepted. Conducting lotteries has become a state monopoly.

Gambling establishments are grouped into four categories, which include:

  • land-based casinos;
  • online establishments;
  • online slots;
  • betting shops.

A license for poker is issued according to the open type. For other table games (including roulette and baccarat), a closed type of license is issued. The leadership of the federal state can make a decision at its own discretion. Authorities of Lower Saxony banned online casino activities, which are available in other regions.


In Brazil, the gambling industry was banned until 2018 (except for horse racing and poker). In the first stage, sports betting was allowed. Such an event was important for all Latin American countries. Only in 2022, a law allowing the opening of casinos on the territory of resorts began to work. It is also possible to choose all kinds of land-based and online gambling establishments:

  • slots;
  • bingo;
  • poker;
  • roulette;
  • blackjack;
  • baccarat.

Websites of foreign companies that have not received a license are subject to being blocked. The president, Jair Bolsonaro, was against legalization, however, the deputies did not take his opinion into account. They were motivated by the possibility of replenishing the budget after the world pandemic.


As to China, it is legal to gamble only in Macau where gambling establishments are concentrated. This region is not far from Hong Kong. The first laws were adopted back in the 19th century (when the land was considered a colony of Portugal). Now the regulation is carried out at the national level.

The situation with Casinos in the U.S.

Las Vegas has never faced the prohibition of the gambling industry, and movies inspired by casinos have been produced there. It was called the “city of sin.” Legends of sudden enrichment emerged as a result. What is the situation in other regions? Land-based casinos operate in Indian reservations, each with its own website. Most are in the state of Nevada.

In addition, since 1992, sports betting has been available in three other states:

  • Montana;
  • Delaware;
  • Oregon.

It was only in the spring of 2018 that the ban was lifted by the Supreme Court. State authorities were allowed to decide for themselves whether to allow gambling. In some regions, it is possible to visit betting shops, in others – land-based and online casinos. The number of the latter is increasing after the worldwide pandemic.

The reason is the opportunity to increase tax revenues for local budgets. A lot of interesting things happened in 2022. As of October, gambling has already been allowed in almost 30 states. The ban is unlikely to be lifted in Utah where religious citizens live. Experts consider the American gambling market to be promising.

Conclusion about gambling restrictions

In Australia, Great Britain, and Germany, the legislation gets stricter with every year passing by. In Brazil, gambling has been officially allowed since 2022. Macau has only land-based casinos. As to the USA, the situation is quite different, which depends on every particular state.

News about the gambling prohibition or its authorization is published on CNN’s website. They can be read on the page intended for the English-speaking audience. There is a list of states where gambling has recently been legalized.