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Gaia Argiolas drops a lovely alternative-rock tune, entitled, “Friday Girl (In Lockdown)”

Gaia Argiolas is an independent singer-songwriter and musician based in Glasgow, Scotland. Not too long ago, she released a lovely alternative-rock tune, entitled, “Friday Girl (In Lockdown)”.

Gaia Argiolas – “Friday Girl (In Lockdown)” single

“I wrote this song while isolating in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. Before the Coronavirus quarantine started, every Friday night I used to see groups of girls going out, dressed up for a club night, with high heels, perfect make-up, complicated hairdos, and shining glittery outfits. After midnight, these same girls would walk back home barefoot holding their high heel shoes in their hands, with their melted make-up, their tights ripped, a bottle of alcohol, and a takeaway, laughing drunk and singing in the middle of the street. During the lockdown, all clubs in the UK closed and the streets were quiet every night. So I asked myself where are all these girls going now that the clubs are closed? I wondered what were they doing since I knew some people that would never miss a Friday night out. That’s what inspired me to write the music and the lyrics of the song. Also, I sang, produced, played, and recorded all the instruments and I made the artwork.” – Gaia Argiolas stated

‘Friday Girl (In Lockdown)’ contains a relatable storyline based on a real-life event. Also, the likable tune possesses vintage instrumentation scented with an alternative-rock aroma. Furthermore, “Friday Girl (In Lockdown)” serves as a wonderful presentation to what listeners can expect to hear from Gaia Argiolas in the near future.

“Friday Girl (In Lockdown)” single

Gaia Argiolas - “Friday Girl (In Lockdown)” cover

“Can I remind you how the club would usually be? I’ll mention just a few of the crazy things I used to see. Anything can happen in a night out. Some girls hang out. Some girls make out. Others come out but most just pass out. Friday girl, where are you going now? Where are you going now? You’re in lockdown!” – lyrics

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