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Freedom Fry releases a lyric video for their “Happy Little Thoughts (Remix)” single featuring Vic Mensa

Freedom Fry is a band consisting of Marie Seyrat (French) and Bruce Driscoll (American). Not too long ago, the married duo released a lyric video for their “Happy Little Thoughts (Remix)” single featuring rapper Vic Mensa (a Roc Nation artist).

Freedom Fry – “Happy Little Thoughts (Remix)” lyric video featuring Vic Mensa

‘Happy Little Thoughts (Remix)’ is Freedom Fry’s first collaboration with a hip-hop artist. Sonically, the tune is ear-welcoming with an emotional narrative and tuneful melodies. Also, the song possesses moody instrumentation flavored with alternative folk and hip-hop elements.

“Why is my mind so permanently blue?”

Freedom Fry press photo by Nicole Spencer and Mikey Spencer

You’ve heard them somewhere, whether you knew it or not. Shopping, getting coffee, boarding a plane, on TV, on the radio, or on hold with Amazon’s Customer Service. Freedom Fry has self-created their own universe around music. They have a growing catalog of over 250 original songs and covers and accompanying visuals. Whether it’s an emotional folk ballad or a fun pop banger about zombies in love, they have an unquestionable knack for melodic mastery and a catchy, timeless tune no matter the genre and for any mood.

Freedom Fry average 3000-5000 Shazams a week and over 80 track appearances on The Hype Machine. Also, they have over 60 song placements in film, TV, and commercials. Furthermore, their music has landed on recent Spotify playlists including Folk & Friends, Indie Pop, Fresh Folk, and Folk Good Indie Rock playlists for other songs.

Moreover, the original version of “Happy Little Thoughts” is featured on Freedom Fry’s latest album, entitled, “Songs from the West Coast”.

“Songs from the West Coast” album

Freedom Fry - Songs from the West Coast cover

We recommend adding Freedom Fry’s “Happy Little Thoughts (Remix)” single to your personal playlist. Also, let us know how you feel in the comment section below.

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