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FELIX SANDMAN releases a music video for his “MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY” single

FELIX SANDMAN is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden. Not too long ago, he released a music video for his “MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY” single, previously titled, “EVERYTHING IS GREAT.”


“‘Miss You Like Crazy’ speaks very well for itself since the lyrics describe that on the outside you seem like you are okay, and everything is fine after a break-up. But you really feel like sh*t, and all you want to do is be with the person because you miss them too much.” – FELIX SANDMAN

‘Miss You Like Crazy’ is a single from SANDMAN’s debut album, entitled, “EMOTIONS”.

The song contains a relatable storyline, ear-welcoming vocals, and peppy instrumentation flavored with electro-pop and dance elements.

‘EMOTIONS’ contains all the highs and lows of SANDMAN’s emotional roller coaster. The video is a part of SANDMAN’s campaign together with New Balance, in collaboration with neon-artist Josefin Eklund.



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‘EVERY SINGLE DAY’ is the lead single from “EMOTIONS” and the bubbly tune stayed at #1 for 4 weeks on Swedish top charts.

Also, it peaked at #1 on Spotify Top 50 in Sweden and found its way to the viral Spotify top 50 worldwide.

The success of “EVERY DAY SINGLE” and “IMPRINT” resulted in FELIX SANDMAN winning the prestigious Swedish award, “Rockbjörnen”, for “Breakthrough of the Year”, as well as being nominated for “Pop of the Year” at the P3 Guld gala.


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