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Fall In Love with Tessa Dalton’s New “One More Night” Single

Tessa Dalton (@daltontessa) is a 19-year-old Nashville-based singer-songwriter, fiddler player, and multi-instrumentalist from Idaho. Not too long ago, she released an alternative pop-rock single, “One More Night.”

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“One More Night” is about unresolved feelings and longing that come after a breakup. With a little help from a consoling roommate, I wrote this song in a stairwell after a college breakup. It was a good relationship, but it ended badly. I hated how the ending overshadowed the good times that I hoped to remember. I wanted one more night to leave it on a better note. I wrote and recorded this song when I went home to Idaho on a break. After encouragement from my audio engineering class, I’ve uploaded it for digital distribution on various platforms through TuneCore.” – Tessa Dalton explained

Built around swelling guitar melodies and noticeable drums, “One More Night” opens with soft vocals and a relatable, hopeful narrative about getting an opportunity to fix a situation that didn’t end well. Tessa Dalton sings passionately with a heavy heart, “I need one more night just to breathe you in, one more night just to feel your skin.” Later, she admits, “How we ended it doesn’t represent all the best of this.” One More Night will resonate well with Gracie Abrams, Lizzy McAlpine, and Olivia Rodrigo supporters.

“We could give it one more try.”

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Tessa Dalton grew up on a small family farm in Idaho. She got her start playing fiddle, guitar, and singing with her sisters and cousins as the entertainment at their family-owned, New Sweden Farms Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch, located in the heart of the historic New Sweden farms area of western Idaho Falls.

Tessa started playing the violin at age 11 but by age 12, she had fallen in love with the fiddle. She began traveling thousands of miles to compete in and win fiddle championships in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah. Before moving to Nashville, she worked as a private fiddle, guitar, and voice teacher at the Snake River Strings Co. (Blackfoot, Idaho).

In Nashville, she has performed in the studio on dozens of singles and EPs, as well as performing live with artists at Americana Fest, Whiskey Fest, and at venues across Music City.

“I tell you something different every time.”

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Tessa is working towards a bachelor’s in commercial fiddle, studying under Professor Ryan Joseph, Justin Branum, Dr. Elizabeth Small, and Dr. Ela Tokarska. At Belmont, she plays in the Belmont Symphony, the Southbound Country Music Ensemble, and the World Fiddle Ensemble, where she has been a featured soloist. She has had the opportunity to play in the award-winning Christmas at Belmont and was part of the winning band at the Belmont Christian Showcase.

For more information about Tessa Dalton, please visit her website at tessadalton.com.

Tessa Dalton – “One More Night” single

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