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Eva Grace releases an emotional pop tune, entitled, “still cry sometimes”

Eva Grace is an up-and-coming singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. Not too long ago, she released an emotional pop tune, entitled, “still cry sometimes.”

Eva Grace – “still cry sometimes” single

“There’s no drug to get me high enough to forget the ways you messed me up. There’s no pill that can erase my mind, I still cry sometimes. Breaking my heart in pieces, you wonder why I can’t make up a reason. My cheeks don’t stay dry, I cry from all the little things you do to hide all your precious lies. ‘Cause all we ever do is fight, I don’t wanna spend my night wishin’ for one last goodbye.” – lyrics

Haunted by relentless retrospection and emotional turmoil, Eva Grace details how relationships can wreak havoc on the soul. Lyrical despair and melodic euphoria are woven together as she purges the remnants of love lost. Later, she sings, “I know it’s hard to break all of the patterns that we made. You see me drowning slow and you don’t even reach the coast. So underwater our love goes.”

‘still cry sometimes’ contains a problematic relationship-based narrative, dreamy vocals, and tuneful harmonization that will surely pull on listeners’ heartstrings. The unhappy tune also possesses electronic-inspired instrumentation flavored with contemporary and emo-pop elements. Furthermore, “still cry sometimes” serves as a tasty appetizer to what listeners can expect to hear from Eva Grace in the near future as she continues to release new music.

“All we ever do is fight, I don’t wanna spend my night wishin’ for one last goodbye.”

Eva Grace press photo

“This song is about the feeling of being with a person who was never there for you in the way you needed. Whether they’re out of your life or not, it’s okay to still feel betrayed by this person. The lingering emotions of past pain are valid, but that doesn’t make them any less painful.” – Eva Grace explained

Eva Grace is an enigmatic expressionist whose mission is to invoke emotion through her musical dualities, artistic exploration, and contradictions. Her goal is to make people dance or cry, whichever you prefer. Not too long ago, her single, “Goes Like (Do Do Do),” catapulted to success with its own TikTok Hisoka dance. To date, the song has accumulated over three million streams on Spotify and surpassed over three million views on YouTube. 

“There’s no drug to get me high enough to forget the ways you messed me up.”

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“At the end of the day, I’m just a girl and her piano. I have fun doing dancey tracks, but I love releasing my emotions into a song.” – Eva Grace explained

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