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Eva Grace releases an anthem for overthinkers, entitled, “Over Overthinking”

Eva Grace is a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, PA. Not too long ago, she released an anthem for overthinkers, titled, “Over Overthinking.”

Eva Grace – “Over Overthinking” single

“‘Over Overthinking’ is a diary of sorts. It is a look behind the curtain at some of my introspective thoughts. Being painfully self-aware is a full-time job. I hope this song reaches the overthinkers of the world and can make them feel understood.” – Eva Grace explained

A full-time overthinker and, at times, painfully self-aware songwriter, Eva Grace is an alt-pop expressionist releasing songs that expose not only her own inner turmoil but the thoughts of a vast fanbase. Her “Over Overthinking” single stays true to her authentic spirit and serves as an anthem for other overthinkers of the world.

Symbolic even down to the cover artwork, which Eva Grace drew herself, repetitive thoughts and crowded feelings can be overwhelming to overthinkers. With her talent for articulating complex emotions, Grace connects with listeners as they tap into their deepest thoughts together, once again solidifying her close-knit relationship with her fans by telling them they are not alone.

Eva Grace

Eva Grace press photo

“At the end of the day, I’m just a girl and her piano. I have fun doing dancey tracks, but I love releasing my emotions into a song.” – Eva Grace stated

Eva Grace is an enigmatic alt-pop expressionist whose mission is to invoke emotion through her musical dualities, artistic exploration, and contradictions. Her goal is to make people dance or cry, whichever you prefer.

“Over Overthinking” single

Eva Grace - “Over Overthinking” cover art

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