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Enisa releases a lovely ode to the World Cup games, entitled, “OLÈ”

Enisa is a talented singer-songwriter based in Brooklyn, New York. Not too long ago, she released a lovely ode to the World Cup games, titled, “OLÈ.” The song was written by Enisa and co-written with Carmen Reece (Beyoncé, Ariana Grande, Fifth Harmony, Ciara, and Kendrick Lamar).

Enisa – “OLÈ” music video

“I wrote ‘Olè’ to give myself a self-confidence anthem that I needed at the time. I wrote this song with the World Cup in mind as well. When I closed my eyes, I pictured people all around the world singing the chorus and shouting ‘OLÈ.’ I’m so happy people were loving the short snippet I posted, so I had no choice but to give you guys the whole song finally! What better time to have this song out, than while the World Cup is heating up? I hope you love this song and I hope the lyrics hit your heart. Love you all and thanks for the support. OLÉ!” – Enisa explained

‘OLÈ’ contains ear-pleasing vocals and a feel-good, trouble-free vibration that music lovers can embrace while viewing their favorite teams play during this year’s World Cup games. The energetic tune possesses rhythmic drum-laden instrumentation flavored with contemporary and electro-pop elements. Furthermore, “OLÈ” follows hot on the heels of Enisa’s previously released single, “Just A Kiss (Muah).”

Enisa – “Just A Kiss (Muah)” music video

“I grew up loving music from all around the world and this one track by Tarkan had a chorus melody that always randomly played through my head growing up. So I knew one day I wanted to put it in a song but make a whole new version with a different concept! I went to the studio with that song in mind and created ‘Just a Kiss (Muah).’ I’d love for the new generation to listen to my song and feel the same way I did with the Tarkan one. ‘Just a Kiss (Muah)’ is about the fun of being a tease when it comes to dating and knowing you have the power to say yes or no! I wanted to make a really catchy, fun, lighthearted song that people can dance to, that also has the element of nostalgia.” – Enisa explained

With over 47M worldwide streams and more than 233M total video views, Enisa has proven a truly global favorite. She has earned chart-topping success in Albania, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland, France, Nigeria, Gambia, Portugal, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Sri Lanka, and India, to name a few. Earlier this year, Enisa made her TV debut with her performance of her song “Green Light” on NBC’s American Song Contest.

Enisa – “OLÈ” single

Enisa - “OLÈ” cover art

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