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Ellise releases a bittersweet pop tune, entitled, “Pinky Promise”

Ellise is a pop singer-songwriter from San Francisco, California. Not too long ago, she released a bittersweet pop tune, entitled, “Pinky Promise”.

Ellise – “Pinky Promise”

“We’re both in different places and I need some space. And we’re probably better not talking at all. ‘Cause, baby, I don’t deserve you. I don’t wanna hurt you. Can’t give you a smile if it’s just for a show.” – lyrics

‘Pinky Promise’ tells a bittersweet story of an unhappy young woman. Apparently, her unhappiness stems from not being ‘in love’ with a guy she’s in the tail end of a relationship with.

As he plans their future, she musters up courage and tells him that she doesn’t love him anymore. He’s hurt by her bluntness, but she didn’t mean to trample his feelings; she’s just being honest, and wants her space, away from him. But he’s clingy, the thought of not having her around frightens him.

She senses his vulnerability, therefore, she tells him, “I don’t regret the memories, but knew they wouldn’t last. I know that it’s not easy to give up what we had. But I made myself a promise and I’m not looking back.”

‘Pinky Promise’ contains a relatable storyline, pop vocals, and an emotional instrumentation embedded with a hard-hitting bass line.

Ellise – “Pinky Promise”

Ellise + Pinky Promise + artwork

Ellise’s passion is writing and singing music that tells stories about the ugly and unpolished side of love. She gained attention on social media in 2016 after posting videos of herself singing covers of hit songs on YouTube and Instagram. Since then, fans have gravitated to her powerhouse vocals and goofy personality.

We recommend adding Ellise’s “Pinky Promise” single to your personal playlist.

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