Ellise - “brokenboys&bitterbitches” press photo

Ellise releases an appealing pop single, entitled, “brokenboys&bitterbitches”

Ellise is a rising singer-songwriter and actress from San Francisco, California. Not too long ago, she released an appealing pop single, titled, “brokenboys&bitterbitches,” via Hell Bent Heaven Sent / INERTIA, distributed by Arson Theory.

Ellise – “brokenboys&bitterbitches” single

“Bite down, all up in his bed, said he likes how I’m sick in the head. Wait ’til he finds out we ain’t speaking again, he’s gonna lose his sh*t. Backseat, pulling up with no vision, got a couple of b*tches, we too pretty to sit with. Ask me if I love the attention like it’s not obvious. Minted hearts, pull the fire alarm. We’ll burn your sh*t and do it out of spite. Broken boys and bitter b*tches, trust them with my life.” – lyrics

‘brokenboys&bitterbitches’ tells an intriguing tale about a young woman who loves lying and stabbing herself in the back. She plays like she’s perfect but considers herself a wreck, a ticking timebomb, what you see is what you get. Later, she reveals, “I’ll be where the mess is, he knows I’m the best for sure. I got diamonds on my neck, and cyanide inside my bag, I’m upset and you’re saying it’s my fault.”

‘brokenboys&bitterbitches’ is equal parts glitchy industrial synths and daisy-in-the-sun pop goodness. There’s a distinct push and pull that Ellise rides out masterfully with her ear-pleasing vocals. The song highlights how much Ellise has grown over the years. There is a flippant nature to her vocals that feeds off the intense layering of the production and keeps listeners locked in.

“Don’t look ’cause everything’s too fast.”

Ellise - “brokenboys&bitterbitches” press photo

“Much of my music in the past couple of years has been pretty heavy and emotionally taxing to write. I wanted to make something fun and not that deep, while also experimenting with a different sound in production. ‘brokenboys&bitterbitches’ completely captured the confident, nonchalant, bad b*tch energy I was feeling when I wrote it. So… after many, many heartbreak songs, I’m very excited to put out something that makes me smile when I listen to it.” – Ellise explained

Ellise first broke out on the scene back in 2018 with her viral single, “911.” In 2021, she dropped her debut LP, “Chaotic,” and collaborated with other young artists like Mothica and DeathbyRomy on the hit single, “Soul Sucker Pt.2.” Ellise will be playing Bamboozle Fest 2023 on May 5th to the 7th.

Ellise – “brokenboys&bitterbitches” single

Ellise - “brokenboys&bitterbitches” cover

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