Ella Mai is a talented R&B/Soul singer from London, England. Not too long ago, she released her deliciously impressive self-titled debut studio album, which uses her name as an acronym to communicate its message.


Ella Mai

E: Emotion = a natural instinctive state of mind deriving from one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships with others. A rollercoaster.

Ella Mai – “Good Bad

“So what if I wake up with an attitude? You assumin’ that I must be mad at you. Didn’t get no sleep with you last night. Know it hurts when I swerve, but I had to.” – lyrics

‘Good Bad’ tells the story of a moody woman who’s not perfect. One day, she has a pleasant personality, and another, an attitude. If she was single, her behavior might go unnoticed, but the thing is she isn’t single.

She’s in an up-and-down relationship with a guy she desires. And oftentimes, he thinks she’s mad at him whenever she gets in one of her bad moods. Also, she knows her good side is the reason why he doesn’t get up and leave. But in a weird way, he likes her bad side.

‘Good Bad’ contains a relatable storyline, soul vocals, and a groovy neo-soul instrumentation produced by Nana Rogues.

Ella Mai – “Dangerous

“I’m the type to play safe. Always hard to make decisions, but you break me out. I ain’t never been taste but I bet my flavor’s kinda different since you came around.” – lyrics

‘Dangerous’ tells the tale of a woman who’s in a loving relationship with a guy she’s deeply in love with. She cooks breakfast for him because he shows he deserves her love. But the danger comes in play when she risks it all by putting her all in their relationship, which has no guarantee.

‘Dangerous’ contains a romantic narrative, r&b/soul vocals, and a spunky Bryan-Michael Cox-produced instrumentation oozing with a poppin’ neo-dance flavor.

Ella Mai – “Sauce” 

“We ain’t even been talkin’ for a minute yet and I already got you elevated. You don’t know if I’m a saint or a sinner yet. But you already singin’ Ella praises.” – lyrics

‘Sauce’ tells the tale of an attractive female with a confident, stylish nature. She’s in a new relationship with a guy who’s already head-over-heels in love with her. But the thing is they haven’t been together that long. Either he’s trippin’ or addicted to her sauce.

‘Sauce’ contains a relevant storyline, r&b/soul vocals, and bouncy instrumentation produced by Quintin Gulledge and DJ Mustard.

L: Lust = four letters like love, but less precious. More like electric veins running fast than frenzy my heart. Make me crave and act restless. So infectious.

Ella Mai – “Whatchamacallit” feat. Chris Brown

“I know you got a girlfriend, baby. You know that I got a man. We could wait until we’re single but it won’t be as fun then. It’s something ’bout being wrong that just feels so right. Think about it in the morning ’cause we be all night.” – lyrics

‘Whatchamacallit’ tells a tale of a guy and a girl who’s in a secret relationship with each other. The woman has a boyfriend and the man has a girlfriend but that doesn’t stop them from committing a romantic crime. They know their sensual action is wrong, but it feels so right that they override their conscience.

‘Whatchamacallit’ contains an exciting storyline, wonderful soul vocals, and charismatic instrumentation produced by J Holt and DJ Mustard. 

Cheap Shot

“You’ve been out here tryna work on me for a minute. Fall in love for a minute. You’ve been tryna see me through the problems. But everything you’re sayin’ is the problem. You keep tryna make me slow down for a minute. When I just wanna drown for a minute. You can take advantage but you’re taking chances.” – lyrics

‘Cheap Shot’ tells the tale of a woman who has a dude who loves her, but she didn’t know beforehand how he felt until now. The term ‘cheap shop’ indicates that he takes advantage of her when she’s at her weakest point in life. A time when she just needs to chill instead of going through the emotions of love all over again.

‘Cheap Shots’ contains a relatable storyline, r&b soul vocals, and lush instrumentation produced by Harmony Samuels.

Ella Mai – “Shot Clock

“24 seconds, yeah, you better not stop. You got 24 seconds, can you beat the shot clock? What you waitin’ on, lil’ daddy? I ain’t got that much time. You seem anxious, you seem adamant but you ain’t pressed my line.” – lyrics

‘Shot Clock’ tells the tale of a woman who’s been dating a guy for five years. She thinks he’s playing games about commitment, therefore, she gives him 24-seconds to make a decision. But if the shot clock winds down to zero, he might find his babe in the arms of another man.

‘Shot Clock’ contains a relatable storyline, r&b/soul vocals, and charismatic instrumentation produced by DJ Mustard.

Ella Mai

L: Love = add “-rs” and that’s surely what we are. Flip it ’round, add “-ve” and let’s see if this goes far. Full of chuckles and cuddles and sometimes, eye puddles. Compose love like we’re Mozart.

Ella Mai – “Boo’d Up

“Feelings, so deep in my feelings. No, this ain’t really like me. Can’t control my anxiety. Feeling like I’m touching the ceiling when I’m with you. I can’t breathe, boy, you do something to me.” – lyrics

The video finds Ella and her man riding Go Karts inside an amusement area with several friends. The newly-formed couple is happy and boo’d up in public.

‘Boo’d Up’ is a contemporary love song that finds Ella reminiscing about a past lover. Although their relationship is over, she finds it hard getting over that special person who makes her heartbeat bounce abnormally.

‘Boo’d Up’ contains a relatable narrative, gorgeous soul vocals, and ear-welcoming instrumentation oozing with classic neo-soul elements. The track was produced by Larrance Dopson and DJ Mustard.

Ella Mai – “Everything” feat. John Legend

“I’d be lying if I say I never really cared how I step out the bathroom. You notice my perfume and tell me I’m perfect. Oh, you’re so deserving. Baby, you’re worth it. I could tell I’m your focus. I’m all on your mind and I know it.” – lyrics

‘Everything’ tells a sweet tale of a woman who appreciates the guy she’s with. Both of them are giving their all to keep their relationship healthy. According to the woman, they have everything they want.

‘Everything’ contains a relatable storyline, soul-pop vocals, and lovely instrumentation produced by DJ Mustard, Dayyon Alexander, and Jeff Alexander.    

A: Assertive = having or showing a confident, forceful personality.

Own It

“I put the na-na in naughty. Begging for it, got you on your knees. Didn’t make it to the bedroom, we can do it there too. Whatever’s your fantasy. I’m ready and waiting ‘cause who could love like me? Nobody.” – lyrics

‘Own It’ tells an erotic tale of a woman who’s ready to get down and dirty with her significant other. She has on a T-shirt and panties and he’s on his knees servicing her body. Fluids are dripping and they are talkin’ naughty to each other while making love all night long. 

‘Own It’ contains a sexy narrative, soul vocals, and slow-grinding instrumentation produced by Kosine and Miykal Snoddy.

M: Mystery = to be honest, I thought you knew. Maybe I lied. Maybe I wanna come through. Who am I? Oh, you’ll find out soon. Maybe zones don’t apply. Maybe “friends” is old news.

Run My Mouth

“I tried to let you go. I came because I’m too caught up, yeah. It’s because you keep calling me. All up all over me. I get stuck inside these walls that you built.” – lyrics

‘Run My Mouth’ tells a tale of a woman who’s in love with a guy she’s in a relationship with. She’s addicted to making love to him, and every time they make love she runs her mouth in a good way because the sex is good.

‘Run My Mouth’ contains a sexy storyline, charismatic vocals, and melodic-trap instrumentation produced by DJ Mustard.

Gut Feeling” feat. H.E.R.

“Something in the walls, something in your walk looks different. Something deep inside got me wondering why I don’t understand. Why I can’t put my finger on what the f*ck is up. What’s missing? You’re distant, and I’m spinnin’.” – lyrics

‘Gut Feeling’ tells the tale of a young woman; her intuition tells her that the guy she’s in love with is guilty of something. She searches his phone looking for clues of his infidelity but finds nothing. Later that day, she asks him to come clean if he’s doing something wrong such as cheating, etc.

‘Gut Feeling’ contains a relatable storyline, charming soul vocals, and lovely instrumentation produced by DJ Mustard.  

A: Aware = I was guarded while my guardian angel never parted ways. Just stayed and laid with me. Not nakedly, just waited patiently. For now, I am aware. And as I stare into your soul, I see it clear. Can we start again from here?

Ella Mai – “Trip

“I put my feelings on safety. So I don’t go shootin’ where your heart be. ‘Cause you take the bullet tryna save me. Then I’m left to deal with makin’ you bleed. And that’s a whole lotta love, ain’t tryna waste it.” – lyrics

‘Trip’ tells the tale of a woman who’s addicted to making good love with her significant other. But when she doesn’t get it, she overreacts or gets bent out of shape.

‘Trip’ contains a relatable storyline, soothing soul vocals, and piano-laden instrumentation produced by Keys and DJ Mustard.  

Ella Mai – “Close

“I don’t know who’s living in my body. ‘Cause I don’t recognize a thing about it. That don’t even matter, I’m just glad I got into the party. So I can feel your music in my body ’cause you the only out of everybody who can deal with all my ways.” – lyrics

‘Close’ tells the tale of a woman who appreciates the man she’s in love with. All day every day she thinks about him. Apparently, she’s not an easy person to be with, but somehow, his easygoingness balances her nature when they are close in each other’s arms.

‘Close’ contains a sensual storyline, charming melodies, and charismatic instrumentation produced by DJ Mustard.

Ella Mai

Ella Mai

I: Inner = I bring to you through words I sing. My flaws, my dreams, and all from within. I am Ella Mai.

Ella Mai – “Easy

“I’ll fix the strings and play my part. I know the pain that’s in your heart. I’ve tread the distance, near or far. Just wanna be right where you are. I know love has been a stranger to you. Maybe I’m the one to change it for you.” – lyrics

‘Easy’ tells the tale of a woman who’s in a new relationship with a guy she desires. Apparently, he’s a little uneasy about commitment. She reassures him that he should let his guard down and not worry. Therefore, she makes it easy for him to fall in love with her.

‘Easy’ contains an evergreen narrative, soul vocals, and ear-welcoming instrumentation produced by Lido and DJ Mustard.

Ella Mai – “Naked” (Bonus Track)

“My resting b*tch face is mistaken for the mean girl. But what if I told you there’s nothing I want more in this world than somebody who loves me naked. Someone who never asks for love, but knows how to take it.” – lyrics

‘Naked’ tells the tale of a woman who’s looking for a guy who will love her unconditionally. Someone who will look past her flaws. Someone who will say she’s beautiful even when she doesn’t look the part.

‘Naked’ contains a relatable storyline, wonderful soul vocals, and sexy instrumentation produced by DJ Mustard.  

“Ella Mai” 

Ella Mai

In conclusion, Ella Mai’s self-titled debut studio album is a wonderful work of art. We totally enjoyed listening to each song from beginning to end.

Also, her voice sets a gorgeous tone while projecting an appealing and relatable narrative mostly focused on the up-side of romantic relationships, which contributes to the album’s feel-good vibe.

Mai’s first full-length offering is deliciously impressive and solidifies the London songstress at the helm of the contemporary R&B market.

“Ella Mai” album

We strongly recommend adding Ella Mai’s self-titled debut album to your personal playlist.

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