Ella Mai

Ella Mai stars in an attractive music video for her “Boo’d Up” single

Ella Mai is an R&B/Soul singer from London, United Kingdom. Not too long ago, she released an attractive music video for “Boo’d Up”, a single from her “Ready” EP.

Ella Mai – “Boo’d Up”

“Feelings, so deep in my feelings. No, this ain’t really like me. Can’t control my anxiety. Feeling, like I’m touching the ceiling. When I’m with you I can’t breathe. Boy you do something to me. Ooh, now I’ll never get over you until I find something new. That get me high like you do.”

The video finds Ella and her man riding Go Karts inside an amusement area with several friends. The couple is happy and boo’d up in public.

“Boo’d Up” is a contemporary love song that finds Ella reminiscing about a past lover. Although their relationship is over, she finds it hard getting over that special person who makes her heartbeat bounce abnormally.

Ella Mai

Ella Mai

“My initial inspiration for “Boo’d Up” was literally what the words are. It was just like being infatuated with someone, being in the room when there’s 50 people and only that one person matters. Just being boo’d up, really.”

Not too long ago, Ella released her “Boo’d Up (Remix)” single featuring Nicki Minaj and Quavo.

“We were trying to have it as a double meaning. It’s like the sound of a heart beat-ish. It’s the closest we could get it to the sound of a heartbeat. So the badoo boodup, and if you think about heartbeat like badoom badoom type of thing. And then ‘Boo’d Up’ obviously just having a boo and making it a phrase. It was a really clever way of putting the two together, and I think it makes it super catchy. We just came up with it.”

Check out Ella Mai’s “Ready” EP via Spotify. Also, don’t forget to add her “Boo’d Up” single to your personal playlist.

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