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Eli releases a music video for her neo-soul tune, entitled, “#Hustle”

Eli (Anna Elizabeth) is a singer-songwriter from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Not too long ago, she released a music video for her neo-soul tune, entitled, “#Hustle”.

Eli – “#Hustle”

“You see me working hard for this. Borderline stressing out for this. Paying dues trying to eat from this. Me and my team, we gonna win with this. That’s why I don’t wanna waste my time. I’m working late and sacrificing hours spent inside.” – lyrics

‘#Hustle’ contains a motivative storyline, sweet soul vocals, and energetic instrumentation flavored with hip-hop, R&B, and trap elements. Also, the song tells the tale of an ambitious woman who spends her time hustling to achieve the goals she desires. Oftentimes, she works late nights, travels long distances, and sacrifices her time hustling to make ends meet.

Eli – “#Hustle”

Eli + #Hustle artwork

“‘#Hustle’ is about the work one puts in to obtain a goal. The sacrifices, struggles, ups, and downs. My hustle is what keeps me humble and focused.” – Eli

Eli was born into a musical family. Growing up, she listened to her mother sing American Standards from Nat King Cole and Doris Day. Also, during that time, she loved watching classic musicals such as “Singing in the Rain” with her grandfather. Since then, she’s been perfecting her sound while pursuing film and television.

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