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Eletto releases a Wonderful Debut EP, “I Wanna Be The Star!”

Eletto (@elettoband) is an indie-folk duo comprised of best friends Mila Whitaker (vocals/guitar) and Zoe Aradipioti (vocals/piano) from South Yorkshire, England. Not too long ago, they released a wonderful, four-track debut EP, “I Wanna Be The Star!” via APOLLO Distribution.

Having kicked off 2024 strongly by introducing this project with their first single off the EP, “Fool,” which was later followed by “Danced with a Stranger.” In doing so, Eletto has built great anticipation surrounding “I Wanna Be The Star!”

Eletto – “Fool” single

“‘Fool’ is a Country-inspired track taking reference from Patsy Celine and Emmylou Harris, with a lot of heartaches and a little bit of humor. It’s a classic tale about going against every good piece of relationship advice you’ve ever been given and falling in love with the bad boy.” – Eletto stated

Radiating acoustic warmth and a bright ‘70s folk sound, “Fool” comes complete with Eletto’s soaring vocals that captivate listeners with its Country-soul vibration. The bittersweet tale is evidence that finding the one for you isn’t an easy task. Sometimes, you go through the best kind of bad before arriving at anything good. From experience, Eletto passionately sings, “You’re the worst for me! The best kind of bad for me. Oh, it’s toxic love can’t you see?”

Eletto – “Danced with a Stranger” single

“Danced with a Stranger” is about dealing with grief and moving on. The song tells the story of a young woman who’s lost her loved one to the drink. It details her longing for affection; using other men to fill the gap he left, but they all remind her of him. The nostalgia-fueled song was recorded live with an acoustic guitar and spotlights Eletto’s mesmerizing vocals as they sing melodically in unison. Keeping it simple so the tragic story and haunting vocals remain the focus.

Eletto – “Out of My Mind” single

“‘Out of My Mind’ is in keeping with our folk style while applying rock influences. ‘Out of My Mind’ delves into the complicated nature and conflicting feelings of love and lust. This fast-paced song evokes a whirlwind of emotions, describing the torment and exhaustion of an intense but insecure relationship.” – Eletto explained

“Out Of My Mind” and “Hey Yah!” are two brand-new singles featured on “I Wanna Be The Star!”

Eletto – “Hey Yah” single

“You could call ‘Hey Yah’ the star of the EP,” Eletto stated. “The lyrics in this catchy track feature the EP title, ‘I wanna be the star.’ Hey Yah! channels determination and explores the frustration of sometimes being undermined as young women in the music industry.” Influenced by The Indigo Girls and Alanis Morissette, Hey Yahembodies 90’s alternative rock and classic country.


Eletto – “I Wanna Be The Star!” press photo

Formed in 2020, Eletto has maintained their shared love of folk and country genres, blending rich vocal harmonies and melancholy lyrics into their nostalgia-fueled songs. An individual sound that calls to mind the likes of First Aid Kit and The Staves. When performing live, Eletto often keeps it stripped back with an acoustic guitar and piano, allowing space for their compelling vocals.

Eletto – “I Wanna Be The Star!” EP

Eletto – “I Wanna Be The Star!” EP cover art

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