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Eighty Ninety releases a music video for their “Stay Alive” single

Eighty Ninety is an NYC-based project of brothers Abner (vocals, production) and Harper (guitar, production) James. Not too long ago, they released a music video for their “Stay Alive” single. The video, co-directed by Abner and Olivia Kimmel, captures the melancholic air of the song.

Eighty Ninety – “Stay Alive” music video

“Shooting in a dreamy, vintage, almost unreal feeling and isolated setting felt like the right metaphor for that state of mind – and saving the only real sunlight for the final shot was our way of showing that ultimately this is a winnable fight, and an optimistic song.” – Abner explained

‘Stay Alive is a song that teems with raw, intense emotion. With no guard up, Abner delivers a refreshing account of his struggle with mental health. Finding himself at a low point, he sat down at the piano, and “Stay Alive” unfurled from there. The duo transformed the confessional ballad into an uplifting pop tune that promises better days ahead.

“We all need some space to breathe.”

Eighty Ninety press photo

“‘Stay Alive’ is about how our struggles with mental health can affect our relationships and how the things we do to cope and the people we love — and who love us — can help to get us through life’s hardest moments. For my whole life, music has been one of the tools I turn to as a listener and a musician, but I’ve never directly addressed it in a song before.

The song is a promise to be there for myself and an acknowledgement that the more grounded part of me knows that those feelings pass, and I’ll make it through to the other side. My hope is that it can also be a loving reminder to anyone else going through a hard time — and a promise to our audience that through our music we are and will always try to be there to help provide comfort and joy to anyone who listens.” – Abner explained

‘Stay Alive’ will be featured on Eighty Ninety’s forthcoming debut album. The likable tune was also delivered on the heels of their previously released single, “2 Carat.”

Eighty Ninety – “2 Carat” (Official Video)

Eighty Ninety‘s debut single, “Three Thirty,” reached #2 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart. Since then, their music has accumulated over 30 million streams and has been featured on notable Spotify playlists such as New Music Friday, Pop Rising, Indie Pop, Chill Pop, Chill Vibes, Viral Hits, Soda, Fresh Finds, and many more — even earning a co-sign from Taylor Swift along the way when the singer added Eighty Ninety’s single “Your Favorite Song” to her official Spotify playlist, Songs Taylor Loves.

Eighty Ninety – “Stay Alive” single

Eighty Ninety - “Stay Alive” cover

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