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ECHLO releases a music video for her “Got Me Drinking” single

ECHLO is a Trini-Canadian neo-soul singer. Not too long ago, she released a music video for “Got Me Drinking”, a charismatic tune from her “Echolocation” album.

ECHLO – “Got Me Drinking”

“Basically this song is about how f*cked up ‘dating’ has become and how crazy it can make you, more specifically, me. We are all so in our heads, ticking boxes, even before meeting. Then, you got this imaginary person who is going to be better than the real human sitting across from you.” – ECHLO

The Victor Oly-video finds the artist seated across a candlelit table from a guy she met on Tinder. They’re drinking two different intoxicating drinks, wine and alcohol, which signifies their toxic off-and-on relationship.

She wants to know what does he want from her? A relationship? Love? Freedom? Whatever it is, now is the perfect time for him to express himself. But he doesn’t say a word, he just stares at the artist with a blank expression while she’s being vocal.



“I’ve been in relationships with no break since I was 16. When I came out of the world of commitment, Tinder was the new thing. I had never been one to play games or censor myself for fear of scaring someone off. Or wait to call or worry about how someone could misinterpret me. If I like you, you’ll know it.” – ECHLO

The artist describes the new world she entered as a ‘strange, superficial, detached world, where people stashed lovers and have plan a-through-z. These less than desirable thoughts are running through her mind as she waits for an answer from her love interest.


Photo by Jen Squires

“Everyone is either scared of being trapped or too quick to fall in love, and everyone is juggling. When I started dating, I was shocked by how close people kept their cards. I take myself to be good at reading people but this was weird. I started getting so many mixed messages. People pulling you in close and then pushing you away and repeating this over and over. It felt like, with this new world of dating apps, people don’t know how to connect naturally anymore.” – ECHLO

We recommend adding ECHLO’s “Got Me Drinking” single to your personal playlist.

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