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ECHLO releases a lovely pop tune, entitled, “Sittin’ Tight”

ECHLO (Chloe Charles) is an award-winning electro-soul singer-songwriter based in Toronto, Canada. Not too long ago, she released “Sittin’ Tight”, a lovely pop tune from her 9-track “Echolocation” album.

ECHLO – “Sittin’ Tight”

“‘Sittin’ Tight’ is about unrequited love and the insanity it sparks in a person to wait for crumbs. How you can fall in love with the potential of a person, with a fantastical character and relationship that never existed?” – ECHLO

‘Sittin’ Tight’ contains a relatable storyline and heartfelt vocals. Also, it possesses a lush instrumentation flavored with electronic, neo-soul, and hip-hop elements.


ECHLO press photo
“Much like an echo, the delay after the direct sound, this is the embodiment of who I am and it took a long time to get there.” – ECHLO

ECHLO is the echo of Chloe Charles’ past, looking to start over, and only keeping the echoes of the lessons learned. Also, leaving the pain and mistakes behind. The uncompromising tenacity of her work is informed by her Trini-Canadian background. Being a Black woman in Toronto’s music scene, which is essentially a boy’s club, she had to fight to be heard.

Her “Echolocation” album refers to the desire to connect to a new audience and breaking free of the past. Also, it contains unflinching storytelling that’s naked and daring. Check it out and let us know how you feel about it in the comment section below.


We recommend adding ECHLO’s “Sittin’ Tight” single to your personal playlist.

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