EBEN (Eben Franckewitz) is a singer/songwriter/producer from Cincinnati, Ohio. Not too long ago, he released “That’s Alright”, a hip-hop flavored pop tune from his “Past Hundred Days” EP.

EBEN – “That’s Alright”

“Haven’t slept in ‘bout four days. Shout-out to all of these fly dates. Found my creative side on this wild ride. I’m just tired of the mind games. Had to get out of town, find my own lane, come back even stronger like Super Saiyan. Look out at the crowd and they all sing. Don’t you hear what they screaming it’s my name.” – lyrics

“That’s Alright” tells the tale of a young man who’s trying to eliminate the stress that comes along with the hustle and bustle of big city living.

He lives life the best way he knows how—in the fast lane, partying at house parties, touring, and hardly sleeping. Plus, he’s down to earth, has a good sense of humor, and usually laughs his problems away. What can you say about a guy like that?

“That’s Alright” contains a relatable storyline, groovy melodies, and a lush instrumentation with an urban pop appeal.



EBEN’s “Past Hundred Days” is a reflection of the artist’s journey over the past hundred days. During this time, he experiences heartbreak, tours the world, and reminds himself not to take life too seriously. Check it out below.

“Past Hundred Days”


We recommend adding EBEN’s “That’s Alright” single to your personal playlist.

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