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Dyli releases a lovely pop tune, entitled, “Cherry Coke (Acoustic)”

Dyli is a young pop singer from Stockton, California. Not too long ago, she released the acoustic version of her “Cherry Coke” single.

Dyli – “Cherry Coke”

“Now we sitting by the pool sipping cherry Coca-Cola. That’s what lovers do but will I want you when I’m sober. You know how it gets when the sugar hits your body. Racing through my mind like a brand-new Maserati.” – lyrics

‘Cherry Coke (Acoustic)’ contains a relevant storyline, warm vocals, and guitar-driven instrumentation slowly simmering at a rhythmic pace.

“Cherry Coke” singleDyli - Cherry Coke

“The song is about kids living life without a care in the world, being rebellious, and making their own rules. When I wrote the opening verse, ‘Red lights we go we make long nights for the older people’, I was referring to a time where I made pretty stupid decisions that made my family worry about me.” – Dyli

Dyli is far from your average high school student. At 13-years-old she released her first EP, entitled, “Ride My Wave”, and single, “Weekend”, which resonated well with fans, raking in a cool 100,000 streams via Spotify. Therefore, at the tender age of 15, it’s safe to say, she’s already a break-out Spotify star.

Not too long ago, she released the original version of her “Cherry Coke” single.

Dyli – “Cherry Coke”

The video finds Dyli in a pink-themed decorated room, seated on a countertop. By her feet is a bouquet of red roses and a red miniature sports car. The following scene shows her in a different room sipping cherry coke from a red plastic cup.

We recommend adding Dyli’s “Cherry Coke (Acoustic)” and “Cherry Coke” singles to your personal playlist.

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