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Dwilly releases a melodic electro-trap tune, entitled, “1999”

Dwilly (David Wilson) is an LA-based singer-songwriter and producer from South Carolina. Not too long ago, he released “1999”, a melodic electro-trap tune from his debut EP, entitled, “CRAYOLA”.

Dwilly – “1999”

“‘CRAYOLA’ the EP is a retirement from the early stages of my artistry and into my deeper darker personal struggles. As I approach the age of 24, I realize my music has matured into something much more emotional and honest. That being said, the songs are flooded with immaturity, youthfulness, and a punch to the gut.” – Dwilly

‘1999’ tells an affectionate tale of a young guy who cherishes the special nighttime moments that he spends with his significant other. Also, the likable tune contains a relatable storyline, harmonious vocals, and boomin’ instrumentation flavored with electronic, trap, and hip-hop elements.

“1999” EP

Dwilly - “CRAYOLA” EP artwork

“I now see things differently as an adult, having to deal with everyday bullshit that was once foreign to me as a kid. The lyrical content itself shies from popular topics like the culture surrounding drugs and violence and truthfully embraces things like failure and anxiety.” – Dwilly

Dwilly emerged on the electronic music scene in 2016 while attending Berklee College of Music. Since then, his chart-peaking tunes have amassed over 10M streams online. Therefore, get acquainted with Dwilly’s music by streaming his “CRAYOLA” EP via Spotify.

Dwilly – “CRAYOLA” EP

“Each song offers a different vibe. I want both kids and adults to f**k with this. I’m not targeting any audiences, just simply painting my mind onto a canvas for anyone to enjoy.” – Dwilly

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