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Dustin Thomas releases an enlightening tune, entitled, “The Kingdom”

Dustin Thomas is an international globe-trotting singer-songwriter with a dedicated grassroots following. Not too long ago, he released an enlightening tune, entitled, “The Kingdom”.

Dustin Thomas – “The Kingdom”

“Fall’s coming, changing up the leaves. Picking up the piece. Packing up my house, I guess it’s time to leave. Man, I work so hard, you wouldn’t believe. Until you see my garden. I planted the seed to rise above this place. The things in life we all must face. It’s time to save the human race. We’re going to save the human race.” – lyrics

‘The Kingdom’ contains a progressive storyline, delicate vocals, and guitar-driven instrumentation. Also, the song encourages people to keep on keeping on and mentions the preservation of humans and nature.

“The Kingdom”

Dustin Thomas - “The Kingdom” artwork

“I grew up going to church and had the privilege of being surrounded by people who genuinely believed in the religion they shared with me and practiced what they preached. Much of my decisions and choices in life have been greatly influenced by Christianity and I would not have traded that upbringing for anything.” – Dustin Thomas

Dustin Thomas is an advocate of both social and environmental justice. He creates evergreen music that listeners can learn from and sing-a-long to. Also, he has performed hundreds of shows in dozens of countries all around the world. He uses his music as a bridge for bringing social and environmental awareness.

Currently, Thomas is on a 17-date US tour with John Butler Trio.

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