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Don Gadi releases a lovely neo-soul single, entitled, “Sad”

Don Gadi is a San Diego-based wordsmith, vocalist, and producer from Massachusetts. Not too long ago, he released a lovely neo-soul single, titled, “Sad,” via By Any Means Music.

Don Gadi – “Sad” single

“A dark cloud rolls down the highway with yesterday stuck in your mind. You’re trying not to brake ‘til tomorrow, but you can’t escape the sorrow inside. You make a lotta money, your friends think you’re funny. They wish they had the things you have. The weather’s always sunny, you never been a dummy. You gotta admit, it’s not so bad. You still feel the love, you up in the club with all that cash and all that ass. I wonder why you still feel sad.” – lyrics

The catchy, almost happy mood of the song is intentional as is the smiley face on the album artwork. The song itself is not meant to be sad or solemn, only describing our tendency as humans to hold on to sadness. All the vocals are performed by Don Gadi and production is done in-house. This is truly a powerful song that deserves more exposure, as it touches on subjects that almost everyone can relate to. Fans of Anderson .Paak, Chance the Rapper, and Ab-Soul will like this song.

“But at the end of the day, you still feel sad.”

Don Gadi press photo

“This song is about the human tendency to create sad thoughts in otherwise happy and positive settings. It is about the lingering sadness that can stay with a person, even after they’ve accomplished many goals and, on the surface, seem to be living a good life. There are three verses, each one describing a person driving away from something. As they continue to put distance between themselves and ‘the dark clouds of yesterday,’ they can’t shake a sense of melancholy that seems to be ingrained in them.” – Don Gadi explained

Don Gadi brings a unique blend of hip-hop, pop, alternative, and house. He’s worked with artists like Walt Arkain, Lil Souf, King Los, Kevin Gates, and more. His upcoming release, “Tornado Shelter,” with Walt Arkain, is slated for a June 2023 release.

Don Gadi

Don Gadi - “Sad” cover art

“You thought that the sun would follow you, my love. But now you know that all the good things never stay. Got food up in your tummy, you’re never feeling hungry. You swipe that card and pay them back. Your nose a lil’ runny, your lady looking lovely. She throws that back and ooh that’s fat. Got money for drugs, your friends with the plug. And he getting paid, so you getting saved. But at the end of the day, you still feel sad.” – lyrics

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