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DJ Lilli releases an infectious dance-pop single, entitled, “Dance Alone”

DJ Lilli is a singer-songwriter, producer, and TikTok star from Copenhagen, Denmark. Not too long ago, she released an infectious dance-pop single, titled, “Dance Alone.”

DJ Lilli – “Dance Alone” music video

This summer, DJ Lilli is set to hit the club, moonlit beach parties, or wherever you feel like dancing through those warm and fabulous nights to come. Likewise. “Dance Alone” is destined to be the soundtrack for anyone who dares to let go and give in to the magic of that very moment to feel free and alive. The song is a perfect treat for anyone who wants to dance their worries away.

‘Dance Alone’ is also the follow-up to the widely acclaimed, “NEVAPART,” as DJ Lilli continues to amaze and unfold a creative talent that is already admired by superstars and a young generation across the globe. The bombastic, emotional alt-pop ballad hit numerous international culture sites and blogs.

DJ Lilli – “NEVAPART” lyric video

“I wrote ‘NEVAPART’ in LA right after I arrived from NYC to the Airbnb. Our place had wind chimes in the garden, which initially started the idea. So, a friend and I went straight in the studio and wrote the song that afternoon. Even though the chime sample was cut from the final version, that vibe inspired the sensitive vibe of ‘NEVAPART.’ It’s about being blinded by love and to be let down by that special someone, doubting what’s real or not.” – DJ Lilli explained

‘NEVAPART’ is the first new DJ Lilli single of 2023. The emotional tune contains a tinkling wind chime sound guided by strumming guitars and thudding drums. The chorus takes off with a bombastic melody inspired by modern R&B and alternative pop elements. Furthermore, “NEVAPART” serves as a savory taste of what’s to come from DJ Lilli in the near future as she travels across the globe with her DJ decks, bringing her own mixes to big city parties and exotic clubs.

“I just want to dance alone.”

DJ Lilli press photo

DJ Lilli is a modern artist who transcends the borders of time and space through her music and aesthetics, social media, and real life. Coming from a generation of visionary and curious young creatives, DJ Lilli is always working with a determined yet quirky and impulsive mindset.

Music has always been her passion and when growing up, DJ Lilli was taught classical violin and choral singing. At just 13, she met a producer who opened his doors and a new world to the young girl, who immediately discovered and fell in love with the process of creating sounds and songs that represent who you are – a universal language and a unique way to express oneself with no limitations whatsoever.

DJ Lilli

DJ Lilli press photo

With 3 million followers on TikTok, DJ Lilli is a rising star in the world of music. Her vocal abilities are as impressive as her skills as a DJ and songwriter. With hard work and dedication, she has been on an upward trajectory, curating tracks, remixing songs, and producing unique sounds which have made her an international musical influencer and TikTok superstar.

DJ Lilli has created some of the most viral sounds on the platform – used and reposted by major celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, SZA, and many more – while her remixes of songs from international superstars like Rihanna, Coldplay, and Adele have gone viral for a new generation of fans to explore. “Dance Alone” will be followed by more DJ Lilli songs in 2023!

DJ Lilli – “Dance Alone” single

DJ Lilli - “Dance Alone” cover art

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