Dax – “No Cappin” press photo

Dax releases an entertaining music video for his “No Cappin” single

Dax is a 24-year-old Los Angeles-based hip-hop artist from Ottawa, Canada. Not too long ago, he released an entertaining music video for his “No Cappin” single.

Dax – “No Cappin” music video

“It has been a crazy journey so far and it is just getting started. The power of manifestation is real. Thank you for allowing me to put my heart into my music and listening. I promise to never give up. I will not stop pushing until our families message reaches the world. You can’t beat someone who doesn’t quit.” – Dax

‘No Cappin’ tells an interesting tale of a young guy who stays true to what he believes in. Every day, he’s on the road grinding while cleaning up the rap game by changing the flow or Tide like the detergent.

Later, he admits that his profile is getting bigger, even though he doesn’t have a co-sign. But when you check the figures, you will see that he has a huge YouTube presence of more than 1M subscribers.

Dax – “No Cappin” single

Dax – “No Cappin” artwork

‘No Cappin’ contains a relatable storyline, witty raps, and up-tempo instrumentation flavored with hip-hop and rock elements.

The likable tune is featured on Dax’s debut EP, entitled,  “It’s Different Now”.

Get acquainted with Dax and his music by streaming his “It’s Different Now” EP online via Spotify.

Dax – “It’s Different Now” EP

Dax + It's Different Now EP artwork

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