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Darin releases a Captivating New Dance-Pop Single, “Moonlight”

Darin (@darinofficial) is an emerging pop sensation from Stockholm, Sweden. Not too long ago, he released an intoxicating new dance single, “Moonlight,” via Helix Records.

Darin “Moonlight” single

As Darin bears his soul to fans, “Moonlight” notes the all too familiar feelings of yearning for escapism, the craving for vices, and rediscovering your alter ego. Darin’s introspective lyrics reflect on the cyclical nature of falling back into old habits and losing yourself in the night. Darin sings passionately, “But when I see the moonlight, I can’t help but fall into the wild life. Chasing every high, until they all come down, and I swear out loud I won’t do it again.”

Speaking about “Moonlight,” Darin stated “‘Moonlight’ is about leaning into your dark side, and not always intentionally. It’s about that compulsion, that part of you that takes over without your control – when the moonlight hits!”

“Moonlight,” having seen UK Radio play from BBC Radio 2, follows in the footsteps of the previously released single, “Electric,” which was supported by notable media outlets.

Darin – “Electric” single

“‘Electric’ was inspired by a night out with my friends, and all we wanted to do was listen to great music and dance. That evening, unexpectedly I met someone special – it’s funny how you can meet someone when you least expect it, whose energy really just pulls you in. This song is about those moments and capturing that feeling.” – Darin explained

“Electric” is a synth-pop gem brimming with bright melodies and catchy hooks, encapsulating the joy, euphoria, and electric level of connection that can be found when you least expect it. Falling in love, Darin sings passionately, “Wasn’t looking for nothing here tonight, only came for the music and the lights. Didn’t know I needed more, then you walked in, caught me by surprise.”

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Darin “Live at Colours” Tour

With half a billion streams to his name, eight number-one albums in his home country, and multiple Swedish Grammy wins, Darin is Sweden’s most successful male pop artist. He grew up idolizing pop icons like Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Whitney Houston. Becoming a singer-songwriter was always his dream. So he started recording music and speaking to record labels when he was 14.

Darin – “Moonlight” single

Darin “Moonlight” cover art

Darin wrote “Moonlight” alongside Jenson Vaughan, Will Simms, Conor, and Leo Stannard. The track was produced by Will Simms, and mixed by Josh Gudwin.

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